Thursday, July 9, 2020

Mahi māra Term 2 2020

Term 2 started with the whole of the country in lockdown due to the Covid 19
The school holidays had been brought forward and all of the planning and mahi
for that time had to be put on hold….. Although the country stopped
(with the exception of the amazing essential workers)
PLANTS/GARDENS DON’T STOP GROWING!  A bonus, we were lucky
to have had the beautiful weather that we did during this time.
Just before the restrictions were lifted, we were able to get back into the mara. 
The unwanted plants (weeds) had started to take over.  There were still kumara
and pumpkin to harvest and the seeds that were sown during the lockdown for our
winter crops, had grown into beautiful seedlings and needed to be planted out. 
It was a busy time with weeding, harvesting, planting and deciding the best way
to deal with our old plant material.

Broccoli, spinach and beetroot seedlings.
From seeds sown during the lockdown.  
When the tamariki came back to Yendarra, our sessions in the mara were organised
a bit different.  They adapted so well to it.  Our focus for the term was how we could
use this older plant material and that was by making compost and some of
the different composting methods available to us….
We talked about what can be used to make a good compost. 
You need ‘browns’…. small sticks, dead leaves, shredded paper and cardboard
and ‘greens’ …. fruit and vegetable scraps and chopped up plant material, to name
a few, plus temperature, moisture and time.  
Methods for making the compost include, trenching, where you dig a hole,
place the material in it and cover it back up with the soil.  It’s a quick and easy
way of composting and one of the only ways of getting rid of meat scraps
and dairy products.  
The boys digging a hole/tenching
Material is put in the hole and covered over 

Our compost bins have been well used since the mara and wharekai were
developed, and the recent addition of another two has enabled us to
make so much more needed compost.  Material – browns and greens are
piled up and over time compost is created…

…and directly on top of the garden bed.  Although it puts an area out of action for a
little while, and can look a bit messy, there will be beautiful compost made directly on
the bed and ready for planting in the spring/early summer.  The finished crops from
the previous summer … corn, kumara, tomatoes and the various pumpkins and
squash have been chopped up small, and the fallen leaves that have dropped
throughout the school grounds and picked up by Ms Baker and Ms Filipo have been
added to the bed. 
As well as some cardboard and horse manure...… Watch this space.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Healthy homemade kai in Room 10

Room 10 have some wonderful homemade lunches and we thank your beautiful parents for the aroha they show us and you by taking a genuine interest in the kai you eat so you remain fit and strong and live a healthy life. Your parents are super stars and we are very proud of you and them! 

Monday, June 1, 2020

Room 10 Highlights of Term 1

Learning about gardening and contributing mahi to our Yendarra mara

Trench composting is a way to compost easily our kitchen and garden waste.
We used spades to dig a big hole in the garden.
Next we filled the hole with fruit and vegetable waste and covered this with a layer
of dirt. Overtime the waste will break down and give nutrients to the soil for new plants to grow strong and healthy.

Harvesting fruit and vegetables is one of our favourite things to do in the mara. We learn the best times when to harvest different kai like tomatoes, beans and corn. Eating the fresh produce we have grown makes us not only healthy, also happy that we have helped to grow all this delicious food. Yum!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Back to School Under Alert Level 2

Thank you to all our wonderful families for your support at this time. Welcoming home our tamariki today was an absolute joy! Seeing their smiles walking into school brought new life to our school as we have missed them very much.

We know there will be many new learnings, washing hands, surfaces and spreading out but we are just excited to be able to resume school and learning onsite once more.

Today we have already started singing in our music studio, learning in our learning gym and lego in our construction room.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Term 1 in Room 14

In Room 14 we celebrate the success, firstly by our attendance.  Over the weeks in term 1, we achieved over 90% attendance every week.  Superb effort whanau, keep it up!  Secondly, we appreciate and thank all our whanau, for sending our tamariki to school with healthy kai and in the correct uniform everyday. Ngā mihi nui kia koutou.

Along with healthy kai, correct uniform and brilliant attendance, comes exciting learning. We use materials to assist us in maths and in other learning areas, we read books for a sustained amount of time, we share our understanding using keywords, we identify main points, we also looked at, how to greet someone in Te Reo Māori ‘the hongi - pressing of noses’ As you can see the fun of learning ain't over yet. During the term, our Year 5 and 6 students had the opportunity to head off to the whare kai and mahi mara, alongside Mr Greig and our wonderful volunteers. Not stopping there, we also welcomed Coach Alister, Coach Mikare and Coach Jarot.  They are teaching our tamariki the fundamentals for the sport code, Australian Football League (AFL). Our students are loving this experience.