Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Celebrating Money Week in the Senior Whanau

The students in the Senior Whanau at Yendarra School loved celebrating Money Week throughout week 5. It was a great opportunity for us to learn more about how people make money and how they spend, save and share the money that they earn. It is important for us to understand how money works so that we can make wise money choices for ourselves and our families, now and in the future.

Room 10
In Room 10 we had a money challenge to solve every day. One of our favourite challenges was organising a day out for our family while sticking to a budget. We used the internet to research where in Auckland we could go and what each activity would cost us. We found out that it is important to stick to a budget so that you don’t spend money on things that you can’t afford. We also learnt that there are a lot of free but fun activities like going to the park, beach, pools or the library.

Room 11
In Room 11 we have been focusing on sticking to a budget.
To do this, we were given a budget of $10,000 dollars to plan a holiday for ourselves and at least one adult who can look after us.
This $10,000 budget had to pay for:
      Spending money
We used useful websites like, and many more to help us plan our dream vacation.

Important things we have learnt about budgeting:
      Keep subtracting expenses as you go
      You don't need the most expensive hotel or car
      The longer you go the more you spend on accommodation
      When booking a flight, some days are more expensive than others

Room 12
In Room 12 students used IT devices to research and compare the price of healthy foods from 3 NZ Supermarkets - Pak n’Save, Countdown and New World.

Room 13
This week in Room 13 students earned money over the week for a range of positive reasons. Each student kept their money in their own envelopes. Then on Friday we set up a shop inside our classroom where students had the opportunity to buy items using the money they earned over the week and also practice giving back the correct change to others.

Room 15
In Room 15 we have been learning to give and receive change.  We created our own farmers market, each product came with a price value. 

" It was fun counting money, I needed to work out how much it would cost.” By Ondresse.  

"I wonder if I earnt enough money during the week to pay for my goods " By Habana.

Room 16
This week Room 16 looked at some of the terms around money:

What is a need?
A ‘need’ is like food and a house to live in - Jerome

What is a want?
A ‘want’ is like a fidget spinner or other fun things - Falaniko

We created shops and decided what we would sell and for how much then we role-played being the customers and the shopkeepers to practise buying items and giving the correct change.

We also looked at how we can use different coins to make the same amount of money and how to make lots of different amounts of money. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Room 12 Blog

WALT: persuade Yendarra School to wear a tie.

Yendarra School should wear a navy blue tie to match our uniform. In fact, it can be worn on special occasions like Haka Powhiri.  - Karian

I did it!
I tied my first tie!

Kiyana proudly showing her tie knot skills

I can finally tie my tie for Church!” - Olioni

“Thank you Irie for your help” said Joe

“I believe ties can be dangerous because some silly people will pull ties and strangle someone’s neck.” - Maine

WALT: write instructions to tie a tie knot

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Welcome to Room 15

Term 2 has been full of smiles, laughter and so much fun.  Keep warm and stay well.

Thank-you to our whanau who help our tamariki, come to school everyday. Your support will help us win the attendance trophy!

 Your continuous aroha in sending our children with healthy kai, helps them in their learning. Thank you.


WALT: inform new students on a lockdown procedure.
Do you know,  when you come to Yendarra School, we practice lockdown drills.  It is important to practice at times, so you know what to do on a real lockdown.   You will never know, when a real one will happen.   You always stay cool, calm and still, you just have to  be prepared!  If you're outside don’t scream or shout, go to the nearest classroom.  Make sure you're under the table.  Be brave when a lockdown happens and don’t be afraid.  Trust your teacher, Mrs Dunlop, Mrs Greig and Mrs Takatainga who will endeavour to keep us safe.  You know it’s not a joke. 
By Mihaka


We Are Learning:  movement in small spaces.
In performing arts Room 15 is working on a line dance.  Room 15 were amazing, we were like cowboys and cowgirls. The music was making us go crazy, but we were having so much fun.  Our aim was to move altogether and all in beat. Our next step is to add hip hop and cultural dance movement to our line dance.  Who would like to join us?  Are up for the challenge?  By Brieze


On Friday afternoon, Ms Harrison noticed that Rm 15  had been putting the rubbish into the wrong bins.  Ms Harrison tipped out the recycling bin, compost bin and the general rubbish bin.  As a whole class we sorted the rubbish, recycling plus compost into the correct bins.  This was exciting! Not everyone was too happy, but we did it.

We are currently looking at the time line, of how long it takes, for different items to break down. So far we have:

Apple core: 2 months, Banana skin: 4 weeks, Orange skin: 5 weeks.
We have an experiment in our class.  We will be observing this, over the next 2 months.  This will be fun.  Will keep you posted.   By Daytona


We Are Learning : the official New Zealand language (Sign language)
Week 3 was the language week of sign.  We have been learning this, it’s been fantastic.  We have learnt to do our name, home, homework, teacher, can I help you, focus and friend.  We are hoping to talk with our friends in sign language.  I enjoy this.  We learn altogether, I want to teach my friends in another class.  By Kalia-mata

What Now takes over Yendarra School

What Now takes over Yendarra School
By Mahaearoa Taupo
Year 4
Room 13 
 “Ronnie’s here!” everyone shouted with joy and excitement. We looked at Ronnie and it was like I was in heaven. We sat under the library that morning with smiles on our faces. It was like a dream but instead it was real life. He walked over and asked us some questions about the Pacific Islands like Samoa and Tonga. He also shared some riddles with us.

Ronnie Taulafo who is the presenter of the kids show What Now

My day got even better, we were one of the the lucky classes to get filmed in the morning. The camera guy was filming us in class and I was nervous because the world will be seeing us on TV. Some people who were on devices also got filmed. After that he filmed the group who was with Miss Ha’unga reading on the mat. However, after lunch was the best part of my day because it was the teachers versing the students on the obstacle course. Their team names were Yendarra Strikers (students) and Yendarra Shooters (teachers). We learnt how to do a mexican wave with the whole school. Then it was time for the obstacle course to begin. We counted down to three “Tasi Lua Tolu!” and Miss Ha’unga slid under the Zig Zag ropes. Miss Takai glided above a plastic pole on top of a pool filled with foam. Mrs Greig hammered the wood with her foot and catapulted three balloons filled with slime to Miss Peti. The teachers won and after the challenge they all jumped in the pool. I felt very excited to see them covered in foam. Everyone was laughing with joy and excitement, I had a great time. I didn’t want What Now to leave Yendarra School.