Tuesday, September 24, 2013


This term we have learnt many different dance steps with help from Stepz dance studio and our Dance Coach ‘Meesha’.  For seven weeks this term we have been observing, learning, practising and rehearsing at school with our peers and teachers (you can see an earlier post on our blog when we were just starting off).  We have really enjoyed dancing with partners, learning new dance steps that we have never tried before and developing confidence when dancing in front of an audience.

How exciting it was to perform live on a BIG STAGE in front of students from Saint John’s school, Wymondley Road school, Counties Manukau Sport, Kiwisport funders, Stepz Dance studio Manager Michael and parents of the Wymondley Road school community. To show just how much we enjoyed learning dance this term we also created our own hip hop dance to show our gratitude to all those who made this possible.


We say a BIG THANK YOU to Wymondley Road school for hosting our ‘dance off’.  We admired the sense of pride within your student leaders who greeted us and are grateful to your teachers and parents for being so welcoming.   


So sit back and watch our HAPPY FEET!

Monday, September 23, 2013


This term we have been learning to SWIM and STAY SAFE in and around water.  We have enjoyed travelling to the Otara Normon Kirk Memorial pools to work with our swimming coaches from Swim Gym.  Learning to swim is so important because we can use these skills when we are on holiday at the beach with our family in summer and when we visit the pools in the school holidays.  If someone needed our help we know we could offer some assistance.

 To show our appreciation Room 19 Boys Class have been learning to write acrostic poems to show our gratitude using the word: Thanks! So on behalf of all of us to all of you: Sir John Walker Find your field of dreams, Swim Gym, Mike Ibbertson and the staff at the Otara leisure centre this is for you……….

Thank you to Sir John Walker find your field of dreams for the opportunity

Have learnt so many water safe messages like always wear a life jacket on a boat

Am looking forward to teaching others how to use floating aids when rescuing someone in trouble

Nice swimming teachers helped us learn how to kick, blow bubbles, float and glide under water

Keep up the great work and offering these lessons to other children so they can be safe around open water at beaches

Swimming will be treasured and remembered by everyone who was involved this year.