Friday, July 29, 2016

Aboriginal Art in Room 13

Hi we are Dylan and Olivia from Room 13. For art we are doing Aboriginal dot painting.

You might have some questions about Aboriginal dot painting, well, we are here to answer those for you!

Question: What is Aboriginal dot painting?
Answer: Aboriginal dot painting is the traditional way of painting that the Aboriginals in Australia used. They used bark and clay to make dots to tell stories.

Question: Where does Aboriginal dot painting come from?
Answer: Aboriginal dot painting is from

Question: What did we use to create our Aboriginal dot paintings?
Answer: You need some cotton buds and paint.

Question: Why is Room 13 doing Aboriginal dot painting?
Answer: We are doing Aboriginal Dot painting because we watched this video that explained how the koala lost its tail.

Question: What was the story about how the koala lost its tail?
Answer: Koala and Tree Kangaroo were best friends until one day when there was a drought in Australia. Tree Kangaroo worked hard to find water by digging a big hole, however Koala did not help at all. When Tree Kangaroo found water in the hole, Koala jumped in and tried to drink it all! Tree Kangaroo was angry at Koala’s selfishness, so he pulled Koala out of the hole by his tail… and his tail came off! Now Koala has a short and stumpy tail. You can watch the video here:

We looked at a lot of Australian animals drawn in the traditional Aboriginal way. We saw Koalas, lizards and kangaroos. This art inspired us to use our hands in our dot painting.

Room 13 loves doing Aboriginal dot painting because we dip the cotton buds into the paint and it is relaxing and a lot of fun.

Did you know Yendarra is an Aboriginal name??

Thank you for reading our Term 2 Week 9 blog post.

By Dylan and Olivia.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Learning in Room 15

Welcome to Room 15’s Blog Post.

We had a fun, action packed Term 1 in Room 15.

At Yendarra School we look after ourselves and others so that we can ‘be the best we can be.’ One way that we do this in Room 15 is with our Healthy Kai.
Look at our fantastic food pyramid and healthy lunches

Yum! Fruit, Yoghurt, grain bread sandwiches and water!

WALT- use pencil, pastel and dye to sketch, colour and dye our favourite animal with a Pasifika themed border. 
Our Inquiry topic for the end of term 1 and the beginning of term 2 is ‘The Zoo’. How good does our art look? We used two and three colours for our borders to create a greater effect.

In Room 15, we always do our best. That is why at the beginning of term two we set ‘Scroll Goals’This involved thinking about our progress, the levels that we were on and what we wanted to achieve in Literacy, Numeracy and how we want to show the school values this term. 
We are all working hard so that we can achieve our goals!

Being active is important to us. We loved having the opportunity to participate in soccer coaching.
We learnt ball skills, how to trap, how to pass and how to dribble the ball while looking up.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Money Matters in Room 15

Money Matters in Room 15

We started off learning about money by talking about what money is and why we need it. Here are some of our ideas:
  • Money is what we use to buy things.
  • Money is a  currency
  • Everyone needs money
  • Money is different in other countries

We talked about what New Zealand money looks like.

Money in New Zealand has changed. Mr Harris talked to us about when he was a child, New Zealand had a 5 cent piece...

Now, our money has changed again. Our lowest value is 10 cents. We have used resources off NZ maths to see the changes of money. Our notes have now changed. This is because of new security features to protect our money from criminals who try and print their own money.

Money also helps us with Numeracy.
Money helped us to partition numbers and understand place value.

We have done lots of interactive activities to help us learn:
The value of money

    How to add and subtract amounts of money
    How to make amounts of money
    Giving change