Saturday, March 21, 2015

Treat Day 2015

Monday was a very hot day so our lovely Principal Mrs Dunlop bought us some ice blocks for making the BEST choices. Our ice blocks were lemonade flavoured and they were slippery, slimy, sticky but scrumptious and I loved it!

By Zara

Everybody was excited because it was ice block day. Then the teachers were bringing out all of the ice blocks. Everybody was running to Mrs Greig to select their ice blocks. Room 19 was so thirsty because it was very hot that day. All of us were licking our ice blocks and our saliva went on it.

By Jeremiah
One hot and sunny afternoon Mrs Dunlop decided we deserved a treat. It was icy cold, slimy, scrumptious, delicious, and divine. The teachers photographed us eating so we could share this treat day with everyone who wasn’t here and especially our parents so they know we have made good choices.

By Rykien