Thursday, August 20, 2020

Germ creators in Room 4

 My name is Microbe Jack. I can make you miserably sick. My powers are teleporting. My friends are Isaac the Pencil Chewer and Lisa the Nose Picker. What I really like is when germs spread quickly and what I detest is when people wash their hands with soap and warm water. 


By Malachi Nikolao

Hi! My name is  Squirmy Germy. I am tiny and invisible. I can sneak up quietly on you and I can make you terribly sick. I can spread viruses everywhere around this humongous world. You cannot see me because I am invisible. When you wash your hands with soap and water I will not be there. I have disappeared quickly.

By Ana Latuhoi   

Hi! My name is Firey Virus. I’m a terrible mysterious germ. I destroy everything with my powerful abilities. I am everywhere! I am invisible. I make people sick. I love my other virus friends. I am so tiny you can’t see me. I’m ugly and my friends are people who pick their nose, touch their mouth and don’t cover their mouth when they cough. I multiply in a flash! I don’t like people who wash their hands everyday because they shoo me away. NOOOOOOO! I’ve been destroyed!

By Ana Tauelangi.

My name is Virus Victor. I’m as mean as a dinosaur can ever be. My powers are multiplying and being invisible. You can’t see me, invisibility is my main key. Here are my friends Booger Eating Bob, Pencil Chewer Tina and Sneezing Suzie. When Suzie sneezes and doesn’t cover her mouth, I am happy as a crazy hyena. Do you know why I get so excited with glee? I spread everywhere and multiply happily. I will tell you what I don’t like are people who wash their hands and cover their mouth when coughing. I will no longer  be there because Virus Victor will be destroyed into smithereens. BOOM! BOOM!

By Azaleah Nukanuka-Puleheloto.

My name is Bad Racey Germ. I am invisible and disgusting. I zoom around the city. I am menacing and terrible. Watch out!

By Tu’akifa Fatai.

My name is Master Germ. I can teleport around the room. I am ugly and I can zoom everywhere and make people horribly sick. Here I come!

By Felix Tuaato.

My name is Germy. I am invisible. I am disgusting and I dash around the world infecting everyone.

By Neivi Finau