Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Room 19 Boys Class


In Room 19 we have used crayon and dye to share the symbolism of a HEI-MATAU.

The Hei-matau was a central symbol of fishing and is today represented as strength and determination.  It also brings with it peace, good health, prosperity and save travels across water.

Check out our work in progress.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Moving on Wheels!

This term we have had the privilege of working with Steve and the coaches from SK8IT as part of broadening our health and p.e curriculum.
We think they are awesome and have really enjoyed the 8 week programme this term so have decided to share our views through our writing.

I really liked skateboarding because …….

It’s cool seeing people do amazing tricks. I also liked overcoming my fear of riding over a high skate ramp.
By Marcus Room 19

I always ride a scooter but now I know how to ride a skateboard.
By Thyrel Room 19

I learnt….

How to be safe when skateboarding by making sure I am wearing a helmet to protect my head, elbow and knee pads for my bones and wrist guards for my hands.

By Jack Room 19 

Incredible skills like a tic-tac and to weave through cones on my skateboard.

By Rykien Room 19 

WE love OVERCOMING challenges so we face them head on by giving it a go

I found it difficult…..

to remember all of the stances in each move because it was new it was a lot of information to remember
By Bayley Room 19

To ride up and down the big ramps and through the cones without touching it because I would lose my balance on my skateboard.

By Makatama Room 19   

We love skateboarding!!