Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Room 13

This term in Room 13 we have spent a lot of time learning about our school values and  how we can show them. To help us remember the values, we wrote some new lyrics to the Cup song and learned the actions with Room 14. We taught each other and put in a lot of practice to get it right. You can see our video below and please come and ask someone from Room 13 to teach you if you'd like to know how to do it too.

We have also been learning about ourselves and have been using webs to help organise the information.

 "My web is all about myself and what I do. Can you see some of the things I do in the weekend?" - Awhiana

"I’ve put information into groups, about me like my friends,  my family and what I like to do. "Olive

" A web helps me to space out the information and make it easier to find rather than writing a long story" - Diamond

 "To read my web, start in the middle and then choose which path you want to take. If you read it you could find out everything about me." - Ana



Yendarra TV

We are proud to present Yendarra TV! A special group of presenters bring us the latest from what has been happening around our school. This week they are talking about our school values and how we can show them. Happy viewing!