Monday, November 20, 2017

Room 13

Bucket drumming with Mr Lakatani

Room 13 has been given an opportunity to do bucket drumming with Mr Lakatani every Tuesday each week. We have learnt lots of different things from Mr Lakatani. If you hit the bucket in the middle, the edge and the side it all makes a different sound.

We also talked about different notes. Mr Lakatani said there were long notes, short notes and a rest. If you mix it all together like a milkshake you get a phrase and that phrase is all the beats you put together.

We practised a beat and we had to say left right left right right left and that’s another beat too. It was easy one we kept practising the phrase as we played. Afterwards we put all the beats we learned together and that was a challenge for me. I felt like giving up but I still did it and now I like bucket drumming and look forward to working with Mr Lakatani every Tuesday.

By Lorielle Salefao
Year 4

White Water Park

It was time to head into He Taonga Aroha. We got changed then we came back out with our towel. We got to wear our Yendarra jackets and I was super excited. It was time to go on the bus. On our way to White Water Park I was energized. I thought it was the pools but it was not. It was kind of like a mini beach. I couldn’t stop smiling, we took off our Yendarra jackets and put them against the wall. We waited and we hopped in the pool. It was freezing cold. Our instructor told us to do some jumps and run to make us stay warm. 

We did some free styling and kicking while on our back. We got out and changed into our free t-shirts we got given. When we got out of our changing rooms we had morning tea.   For morning tea we had a banana, an apple and we also had a muesli bar which was to give us energy. After that, we went in the into the Vodafone Events Centre and waited. When it was time get our certificate and medal I was thrilled. I received my certificate and medal and I was overjoyed. We took a lot of photos and we even took a photo with the famous John Walker. 

We went on the bus and headed to Subway in Manukau. That is what we had for lunch. Then we came back to school and got changed into our uniform. We came back to class and told our class about what we did at White Water Park. My favourite part was getting the certificate and medal and also being on One News. I had the best day of the year. I am so pleased that I got chosen because I have tried my best to come to school everyday this year.

By Aaliyah Taulu
Year 5

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Since Term 2 we have been really lucky to have had senior drama classes with Krystel Fernandes from the company Head Held High .

She has used poetry, jumping into scenes, charades and other games to teach us how to:
 ● Speak with confidence
● Use good posture and eye contact when speaking
● Improve the volume and expression of our voices.

We thank you Krystel for giving us an awesome once in a lifetime experience that was challenging but fun.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Kia Orana whanau and welcome to our term 4 blog.

This term has been off to a busy start so far. We have had lots of fun learning experiences here at Yendarra School such as;
     swimming lessons
     Fiafia practices

It is our class goal to come to school everyday and in the correct school uniform so that we can all make the most of these wonderful learning experiences.

We LOVE going to the wharekai and making new and exciting things, most of which are harvested from our amazing garden.

Here is a recipe of what you could make at home. Yummy!

Spinach and Feta Filo Triangles
Makes 18

900g spinach, washed and stems removed
3 small red onions, finely chopped
6 cloves garlic, crushed
6 eggs, whisked
2 teaspoons dried dill
6 tablespoons chopped mint
3 teaspoons lemon zest
600g feta, crumbled
1½ cups grated cheddar cheese
18 sheets filo pastry
100g butter, melted

  1. Preheat oven to 180oC.
  2. Wilt spinach in boiling water, cool, squeeze out excess water and roughly chop.
  3. Saute onion and garlic in a little oil until tender.
  4. Place spinach, onion, garlic, eggs, dill, mint, lemon zest, feta and cheddar cheese in a bowl mix well.
  5. Season with sea salt and black pepper.
  6. Place 2 sheets of filo on the bench and brush butter between each layer.
  7. Cut in half lengthwise.
  8. Starting at a narrow end spoon mixture onto the filo towards a corner.
  9. Fold the corner with the filling on it diagonally over to form a triangle.
10. Continue to fold in this way retaining the triangle shape.
11.  Continue with remaining pastry and filling.
  1. Place on cold baking tray, brush with remaining butter and sprinkle with extra dill leaves.
13. Bake 15 minutes until golden and crisp.

Did you know, that in 2016 there was 78 preventable drownings in New Zealand?
We are so lucky to live in a country where we are surrounded by oceans, lakes and rivers. So that we can enjoy our summer and maybe even visit the Otara Pools in the holidays, Room 11 have been learning to swim!

“Freestyle is my favourite because I can go fast”

“It is tricky turning to breath. Your head needs to rest on your arm”

“Swimming is good fitness for us!”

Monday, October 30, 2017

Fakalofa Lahi Atu! Welcome to Term 4.

We have been celebrating Niuean Language Week at Yendarra School, what a fantastic way to start the term.

The students and kaiako have been learning all about Niuean culture and language. We have been practicing the language through conversations and songs. It was wonderful to see the Niuean flag flying high up on our flagpole all week.

In Room 10 we have been using Niue as our writing motivation throughout the week. Adi has written a story about visiting Niue and learning all about their beautiful culture and traditions. Here is her story.

“Wow such a beautiful view from up here. It’s very gorgeous” I said to my family as we looked across the vista of the Niuean beach and forest. My family and I couldn’t wait to explore the peaceful island of Niue. We are travelling around this Pacific Island nation and experiencing everything that the culture has to offer. I’ve heard some facts about Niue that are kind of surprising.

Fact 1 - Did you know that James Cook actually named the island Savage Island when he visited Niue in 1774? However the name was changed back to Niue, its original name, which means “Behold the Coconut”  

Fact 2 -  90 - 95% of Niueans live in New Zealand, there are only around 1200 people living in the country of Niue.

Fact 3 - There are 14 villages on the Island of Niue. In fact they are very close to each other so you’re easily able to walk the whole of Niue in a day or two.

Fact 4 -Alofi is the capital of Niue, this is where their Members of Parliament work. I have learnt that there are no political parties in Niue, only independent members of parliament. 

Fact 5 - What’s really surprising is there only one school on the island and that is, of course, located in Alofi. The school in Niue follows the New Zealand curriculum and children are taught Vagahau Niue (the Niuean language) and English.

Fact 6 -. Niuean people are really talented, they catch huge coconut crabs that are pretty scary and surprising at the same time. In Niue they call coconut crabs uga. The uga are a delicacy, which means that they are very special to eat.

Niue is a really lovely country, people are smiling, cheering and laughing. I am loving my visit to Niue with my family and I am learning so much. Niuean people are very creative and they also love to learn, just like my music teacher Mr Lakatani (he is a very kind man). I hope that after reading about my adventures in Niue you will want to continue learning about this amazing country and maybe visit there with your family too. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Celebrating Money Week in the Senior Whanau

The students in the Senior Whanau at Yendarra School loved celebrating Money Week throughout week 5. It was a great opportunity for us to learn more about how people make money and how they spend, save and share the money that they earn. It is important for us to understand how money works so that we can make wise money choices for ourselves and our families, now and in the future.

Room 10
In Room 10 we had a money challenge to solve every day. One of our favourite challenges was organising a day out for our family while sticking to a budget. We used the internet to research where in Auckland we could go and what each activity would cost us. We found out that it is important to stick to a budget so that you don’t spend money on things that you can’t afford. We also learnt that there are a lot of free but fun activities like going to the park, beach, pools or the library.

Room 11
In Room 11 we have been focusing on sticking to a budget.
To do this, we were given a budget of $10,000 dollars to plan a holiday for ourselves and at least one adult who can look after us.
This $10,000 budget had to pay for:
      Spending money
We used useful websites like, and many more to help us plan our dream vacation.

Important things we have learnt about budgeting:
      Keep subtracting expenses as you go
      You don't need the most expensive hotel or car
      The longer you go the more you spend on accommodation
      When booking a flight, some days are more expensive than others

Room 12
In Room 12 students used IT devices to research and compare the price of healthy foods from 3 NZ Supermarkets - Pak n’Save, Countdown and New World.

Room 13
This week in Room 13 students earned money over the week for a range of positive reasons. Each student kept their money in their own envelopes. Then on Friday we set up a shop inside our classroom where students had the opportunity to buy items using the money they earned over the week and also practice giving back the correct change to others.

Room 15
In Room 15 we have been learning to give and receive change.  We created our own farmers market, each product came with a price value. 

" It was fun counting money, I needed to work out how much it would cost.” By Ondresse.  

"I wonder if I earnt enough money during the week to pay for my goods " By Habana.

Room 16
This week Room 16 looked at some of the terms around money:

What is a need?
A ‘need’ is like food and a house to live in - Jerome

What is a want?
A ‘want’ is like a fidget spinner or other fun things - Falaniko

We created shops and decided what we would sell and for how much then we role-played being the customers and the shopkeepers to practise buying items and giving the correct change.

We also looked at how we can use different coins to make the same amount of money and how to make lots of different amounts of money. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Room 12 Blog

WALT: persuade Yendarra School to wear a tie.

Yendarra School should wear a navy blue tie to match our uniform. In fact, it can be worn on special occasions like Haka Powhiri.  - Karian

I did it!
I tied my first tie!

Kiyana proudly showing her tie knot skills

I can finally tie my tie for Church!” - Olioni

“Thank you Irie for your help” said Joe

“I believe ties can be dangerous because some silly people will pull ties and strangle someone’s neck.” - Maine

WALT: write instructions to tie a tie knot

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Welcome to Room 15

Term 2 has been full of smiles, laughter and so much fun.  Keep warm and stay well.

Thank-you to our whanau who help our tamariki, come to school everyday. Your support will help us win the attendance trophy!

 Your continuous aroha in sending our children with healthy kai, helps them in their learning. Thank you.


WALT: inform new students on a lockdown procedure.
Do you know,  when you come to Yendarra School, we practice lockdown drills.  It is important to practice at times, so you know what to do on a real lockdown.   You will never know, when a real one will happen.   You always stay cool, calm and still, you just have to  be prepared!  If you're outside don’t scream or shout, go to the nearest classroom.  Make sure you're under the table.  Be brave when a lockdown happens and don’t be afraid.  Trust your teacher, Mrs Dunlop, Mrs Greig and Mrs Takatainga who will endeavour to keep us safe.  You know it’s not a joke. 
By Mihaka


We Are Learning:  movement in small spaces.
In performing arts Room 15 is working on a line dance.  Room 15 were amazing, we were like cowboys and cowgirls. The music was making us go crazy, but we were having so much fun.  Our aim was to move altogether and all in beat. Our next step is to add hip hop and cultural dance movement to our line dance.  Who would like to join us?  Are up for the challenge?  By Brieze


On Friday afternoon, Ms Harrison noticed that Rm 15  had been putting the rubbish into the wrong bins.  Ms Harrison tipped out the recycling bin, compost bin and the general rubbish bin.  As a whole class we sorted the rubbish, recycling plus compost into the correct bins.  This was exciting! Not everyone was too happy, but we did it.

We are currently looking at the time line, of how long it takes, for different items to break down. So far we have:

Apple core: 2 months, Banana skin: 4 weeks, Orange skin: 5 weeks.
We have an experiment in our class.  We will be observing this, over the next 2 months.  This will be fun.  Will keep you posted.   By Daytona


We Are Learning : the official New Zealand language (Sign language)
Week 3 was the language week of sign.  We have been learning this, it’s been fantastic.  We have learnt to do our name, home, homework, teacher, can I help you, focus and friend.  We are hoping to talk with our friends in sign language.  I enjoy this.  We learn altogether, I want to teach my friends in another class.  By Kalia-mata