Sunday, May 31, 2015

Visual Art in Room 19

We learnt to paint and blend colours to capture the scenery of Flanders field and then describe the poppies that grow there by stretching sentences with the WH starters.

A delicate poppy drifts side to side with the powerful wind on a strong, stormy night in the amazing Flanders field to remind us of the great war where many suffered in 1915.
By Shalah-Maye Year 6

The tall, big and red poppies are swishing and swaying on a windy day in 

Gallipoli to tell us about the sacrifice of the soldiers from ANZAC.

By Lilo Year 6

The amazing poppies have blossomed and are swaying side to side during the afternoon on the top of the mountain because the wind is trying to blow them away.
By Fesui Year 5

Visual Art in Room 13

We have been learning about the famous New Zealand artist, Robyn Kahukiwa. We looked at lots of her artwork and we chose one piece to inspire our art.
We practiced drawing faces like this. Then we stopped and talked about the features and proportions of a face. It is important to get things the right size and in the right place! We used brown dye and black crayon. Then we created Maori inspired borders for our pieces of artwork, we learnt about koru’s and what they mean.
Our artwork is displayed in our classroom.

Here are four examples of our finished work.
IMG_0076.JPG IMG_0075.JPG

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Tuli Family Say Thank You

We had the privilege of rowing in our ‘waka’ and touring the ‘pacific’ with a performance from the Tuli family in honour of their sister Sosiana.  We feel blessed that we could give a little during mufti-day to support Sosiana and were overwhelmed with the aroha extended back to us from the entire family.

C:\Users\jazming\Google Drive\Birthday\20150507_143032.jpg

C:\Users\jazming\Google Drive\Birthday\20150507_142740.jpg

Watching the Tuli family during their performance made me feel excited.
First Mr Tuli performed a Tongan dance.
Second the Tuli family performed a Maulu’ulu from Samoa.
Finally Mr Tuli introduced all his family performers to us.
It was a fantastic show and I’m glad we gave to the family for mufti-day.
By Devon

Watching the Tuli family performance under the fale made me feel so happy because their performance was done beautifully.
First Mr Tuli and his group performed an amazing Tongan performance that is only performed for royal people.
Then they performed a Samoan sasa and Fijian fan dance that was very upbeat and entertaining.
Thank you Tuli family for visiting and dancing for us, we are happy that Sosiana is doing well.
By Fesui

C:\Users\jazming\Google Drive\Birthday\20150507_142740.jpg

C:\Users\jazming\Google Drive\Birthday\20150507_142740.jpg

Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 5 Attendance Results

Congratulations to the following classrooms for achieving best attendance

Room 18 with 96%

Room 13 with 92%

Room 2 and Room 23 are tied for third place with 90%

 Who will be the winners for week 6?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week 4 Attendance Results

Congratulations to the following classrooms for best attendance.

 Room 2 with 95%

Room 21 with 90%

Who will be the trophy winners next week?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Water Safety

In term 3 last year, our seniors from Room 18 and 19 were learning the value of swimming safely in the water and on a boat.  The opportunity made possible by Kiwisport funding and the Otara Leisure Centre staff.  The programme was on Mondays and each week the children, parents and teachers were excited about the new learning children gained from the experience.

Room 19 boys learnt a lot and wanted to share this learning with you.


I have learnt that it is important to wear a life jacket on a boat every time.  By Latrell

We learnt that you need to take warm clothing and signalling devices on a boat trip so you can stay warm and can get rescue teams attention. By Asera

If you are in the water you need to make a huddle to stay warm from each other’s body heat and keep injured friends alert and protected. By Sila

And do you know where the REFLECTORS are located on a life jacket?
While we can’t wait to share with you more learning in the weeks ahead, until then stay safe and ALWAYS WHERE YOUR LIFE JACKET… IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Click on these links to see the learning in action!
Image result for tv

Week 3 Attendance Results

Congratulations to the following classrooms for best attendance.

Room 23 with 100%

 Room 13 with 96%

Room 18 with 91%

Who will be the trophy winners for week 4?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kids Drama Show at Yendarra

The STORMWATER game show visits Yendarra School!
Last week Friday (7th May) we watched a Stormwater game show. My favourite part was when the presenter said ‘pause’ and the family froze. This made me laugh because the actors were awesome with their funny faces.
We were all cheering on our friends Jasmine, Tiare and Tukia who were the lucky children that got picked to participate in the show. They had to answer some hard questions about our water system. But they did well.
I felt so happy when Hannah said “Remember that…outside drains should only drain rain” because that’s what we learnt in our class.

It is important to learn about our storm water drains so we know how to look after our water system and ocean. For example: If my mum and dad wants to wash our car on the driveway at home, I’m going to tell them to wash our car on the grass or at a car wash because we wouldn’t want the soapy dirty water to go down the driveway into the outside drain and then flow into our ocean.
By Valentine (Year 6)


My reading group read an article about Wellington’s underground water network. This article helped me understand the importance of stormwater and what I can do to help our environment. Like when I see rubbish around our outside drains, or even around school, I will pick it up because I don’t want rubbish going down our stormwater drains because outside drains SHOULD ONLY DRAIN RAIN. By Jasmine (Year 5)

“Stormwater is rainfall that flows down gutters and into our drains. This water then goes through pipes that leads into our ocean. I’ve learnt that after heavy rain wait at least 48 hours (2 days) before you go for a swim because our ocean may have pollutants”
By Joseph (Year 6)

Thank you Kids4Drama Stormwater show for visiting Yendarra School and helping us to be the solution and not the pollution to our stormwater system.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Honoring the Mighty!

As part of learning in term two we read books, watched videos and listened to music that told us the story of ANZAC.
T:\ANZAC 2015\DSCF2230.JPG
We feel privileged because many made great sacrifices for all of us.  To honour the memory of our fallen soldiers our school planned a special morning assembly and we have shared our feelings of this moment through our writing using the senses to describe our thoughts.

I feel rain drops running down my neck and face.
I hear a trumpet playing to say the war has now ended.  It is making me cry but the rain washes away my tears.
I smell the fresh air blowing across my face.
I see people coming forward in the crowd and laying down their wreaths of remembrance.
I touch my hands and feel my heart during one minute of silence to remember the greatest sacrifice of time. By Prysaia R19

I hear people singing the national anthem and Yendarra children marching for ANZAC.  I can hear Shalah-Maye, Joseph, Nora and Mrs Greig speaking on the microphone.
I can feel the water dripping on me and the air going through my skin.  I feel rain splashing on my skin and it is making me cold.
I can touch the rain drops on the mat that we are sitting on and it has started to spread out.
I smell the air and the green grass as well.
I can see the Yendarra children and our families who came to honour the ANZAC soldiers.  I am standing before the remembrance field and see crosses and New Zealand flags. By Trezal R19

I hear the bugle playing the last post telling me the war is now over.
I feel sad because the ceremony is making people cry as they remember the sacrifice of fallen soldiers.
I touch the pouring rain as we sing Te Aroha in peace.
I smell the fresh air while I am standing in front of the remembrance field.
I see white crosses with the names of fallen soldiers and nurses.  It makes me feel so emotional because there were a lot of New Zealand men and women that served in war from our community and lost their lives. By Fesui R19  

Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Class Band Is Making A Tune

We have been learning about different instruments in our music academy class.  Our music teacher is Mr Lakatani and he has been helpful in teaching us about the instruments and how to play them. Mr Lakatani is ‘world famous’ at our school not just because he is a singer and song writer but because he teaches us to LOVE MUSIC and the gift that it can be to anyone we meet.

These are a few of the tunes that we are developing in music academy….

(click on the links below)

I like music academy because it takes me to a new world.  I have enjoyed learning the A and D chords on a guitar and would really like to play an electric guitar one day.
Lilo Telepe Room 19

Music academy is where I have learnt how to play a guitar. It has helped me learn to listen and quickly play the drums by keeping in time.  I would really like to learn how to play piano.
Tyrian Gumaka Room 19

I like how music makes the most unique and wonderful soft sounds.  I have been learning how to play the guitar and drums in music academy and can’t wait to learn how to play the key-board.  Once I have learnt to play the key-board I would like to create different beats.
Olive Room 19

Music to me is when you listen to a beat and lock it into your head so you can remember it.  I like that in music you can create new sounds and possibly even songs.  Learning to play guitar in the music academy has been awesome because I have never played an instrument before this class.
Zara Marsters Room 19

Ka rawe tamariki!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Toot Toot! All aboard!

Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings our walking school bus is cruising around our neighbourhood collecting passengers. Its good exercise and its fun! So if you live on or near Everitt Road, Bairds Road, Nola Crescent, Cobham Crescent or Crown Crescent keep an eye out for our drivers in the yellow jackets between 8.15 and 8.30.

Week 2 Best Attendance Results

Congratulations to the following classrooms for best attendance.

 Room 20 with 96%

Room 2, Room 14 and Room 18 with 95%

Room 21 with 91%

Who will be the trophy winners next week?