Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Class Band Is Making A Tune

We have been learning about different instruments in our music academy class.  Our music teacher is Mr Lakatani and he has been helpful in teaching us about the instruments and how to play them. Mr Lakatani is ‘world famous’ at our school not just because he is a singer and song writer but because he teaches us to LOVE MUSIC and the gift that it can be to anyone we meet.

These are a few of the tunes that we are developing in music academy….

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I like music academy because it takes me to a new world.  I have enjoyed learning the A and D chords on a guitar and would really like to play an electric guitar one day.
Lilo Telepe Room 19

Music academy is where I have learnt how to play a guitar. It has helped me learn to listen and quickly play the drums by keeping in time.  I would really like to learn how to play piano.
Tyrian Gumaka Room 19

I like how music makes the most unique and wonderful soft sounds.  I have been learning how to play the guitar and drums in music academy and can’t wait to learn how to play the key-board.  Once I have learnt to play the key-board I would like to create different beats.
Olive Room 19

Music to me is when you listen to a beat and lock it into your head so you can remember it.  I like that in music you can create new sounds and possibly even songs.  Learning to play guitar in the music academy has been awesome because I have never played an instrument before this class.
Zara Marsters Room 19

Ka rawe tamariki!

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