Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kids Drama Show at Yendarra

The STORMWATER game show visits Yendarra School!
Last week Friday (7th May) we watched a Stormwater game show. My favourite part was when the presenter said ‘pause’ and the family froze. This made me laugh because the actors were awesome with their funny faces.
We were all cheering on our friends Jasmine, Tiare and Tukia who were the lucky children that got picked to participate in the show. They had to answer some hard questions about our water system. But they did well.
I felt so happy when Hannah said “Remember that…outside drains should only drain rain” because that’s what we learnt in our class.

It is important to learn about our storm water drains so we know how to look after our water system and ocean. For example: If my mum and dad wants to wash our car on the driveway at home, I’m going to tell them to wash our car on the grass or at a car wash because we wouldn’t want the soapy dirty water to go down the driveway into the outside drain and then flow into our ocean.
By Valentine (Year 6)


My reading group read an article about Wellington’s underground water network. This article helped me understand the importance of stormwater and what I can do to help our environment. Like when I see rubbish around our outside drains, or even around school, I will pick it up because I don’t want rubbish going down our stormwater drains because outside drains SHOULD ONLY DRAIN RAIN. By Jasmine (Year 5)

“Stormwater is rainfall that flows down gutters and into our drains. This water then goes through pipes that leads into our ocean. I’ve learnt that after heavy rain wait at least 48 hours (2 days) before you go for a swim because our ocean may have pollutants”
By Joseph (Year 6)

Thank you Kids4Drama Stormwater show for visiting Yendarra School and helping us to be the solution and not the pollution to our stormwater system.

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