Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Four 'R's

Room 21 has been learning all about the 4 ‘R’ words. They are reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. We have been learning about what these mean and what we can do at home and at school to help our environment.

Reduce means to minimise our waste. We can reduce by having shorter showers, this helps to save energy and money. We can also switch off any lights when we leave a room or turn the radio off when we go to the shops. – Tyrhys.

Reuse means to find another use for something. We can reuse paper by drawing or writing on both sides of the paper. We can save the yoghurt and fruit cups from our lunches and use these to plant seeds or as a paint pot – Hazel.

Recycling is very important. At Yendarra School we recycle paper. After it leaves Yendarra School it goes to the Reclaim Recycling Factory where it is recycled using machines. It is recycled and is made into new paper, hospital gowns, duck tape or bandages. – Christine.

When something rots it breaks down. We compost at Yendarra School. We put all of our food scraps into the compost bin at morning tea and lunchtime. It is then put into the compost bins and the worms eat the food scraps. Worms like to eat food scraps and paper but they don’t like to eat onion skins or citrus fruits. Compost can then be used on our gardens to help us grow big, healthy vegetables. – Joseph