Monday, October 19, 2020

Bike ready visited Room 14

 ‘Bike ready’

WOW! How fortunate are we? Bike ready is a program that teaches tamariki how to ride bikes safely. 

We have three amazing instructors Karin, Aidan and Zac.  They have come to share their matauranga (knowledge) with us. 

What an amazing experience. 

“You need to do a helmet check, you check to ensure that it has no cracks, that it is a certified helmet or that it has a barcode, that the straps are even, the dial is adjustable.” By Tayla

 You also do the 2,4,1 check.

2 - two fingers above your forehead and under your helmet. 

4 - two fingers under your ears in a ‘v’ shape

1 - one finger, between the strap and under your chin.  

“Before we even get on the bikes, we need to do a bike check.  This check is known as the ‘M’check.  You start at the front of the bike, checking the front spokes, tyre pressure, front brakes, handlebars, adjust the seat to the height of your hip, making sure it is inline with the frame.  You check that the pedals rotate the chain, making sure the chain is not rusty, then you do the same for the back.  Tyre pressure, spokes and the trid.  It is your responsibility to ensure the bike is safe to ride.   By Miana