Monday, July 8, 2013

Sensational Skateboards

Thank you to Steve Hodges from Skate Onboard
for generously donating 15 skateboards to Yendarra school.

We loved having the SK8IT programme come into our school and teach the junior and senior students how to skate properly and be safe by wearing the correct protective gear.
Not only did we learn loads of skills from how to stand correctly, turn, and do awesome tricks like jumps and but we had heaps of fun!!!!
"I was nervous because I had never skateboarded before but now I LOVE IT!"
"Steve and the coaches were really cool and they were professional skateboarders!"
"I know the helmet safety rule of 2-4-1 !"
Now we get to practice our skateboarding moves every hapu sport and during lunchtimes
Thank You Again.