Friday, July 17, 2015

Yendarra Tamariki Meet The Police!

The local police have heard what AMAZING tamariki we have at Yendarra School so they came by for a visit. It was great to see the police officers at school during lunch time because they got to talk to lots of children and answer their questions.
Some of the questions that we asked the police officers were:
Do you always have to wear a uniform?
Why is your uniform blue?
How did you become a police officer?
What is inside your police car?
What equipment do you have on your belt?
What do you use the equipment for?
Can we please see your handcuffs?
We loved listening to all of their answers! It made us think… maybe we could be police officers when we grow up!

Some of the police officers even joined in the senior school hockey game. Other children were spectators and cheered them on.
It is always lots of fun to see the police officers at Yendarra School. Thank you for everything that you do for us because you help to keep us safe. We hope to see you again soon!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Learning about Statistics

As part of learning about statistics, Room 21 have been learning to gather and graph evidence using different graphs.

After conducting surveys and gathering evidence within our own classroom, we decided to venture out and gather evidence from our neighbourhood.

We asked the question;
What is the most popular car colour on Bairds Road?
'what colour will this car be?’

We used a tally chart to record our observations.
We graphed our results and discovered that white and silver are the most popular car colour and yellow was the least popular at the time of our evidence gathering.

What colour car do you drive?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 10 Attendance Results

Congratulations to the following classrooms for achieving BEST attendance...

Room 23 with 95%

Room 20 with 92%

Room 2 and Room 22 with 91%
Ka rawe Tamariki!

Matariki Learning

Children in Room 21 have been learning about Matariki, what makes it unique to New Zealand and how we celebrate it.

We read and listened to stories. We learned that there is a cluster of 7 stars. There are old stories that say these 7 stars represent 7 evil sisters that tried to starve Matai’s brothers to death. (Keithaline)

We learned that there are many ways to celebrate Matariki. We can celebrate it by spending time with our family and friends. We can gather kaimoana and go fishing. We can also learn to weave and carve. (Awhiana)

A small group of us visited our wharehui to look at the beautiful carvings.

We thought we would try weaving. With the help of our kaumatua Mrs Baker, we learned to weave angel fish and flowers. We discovered that it is a lot harder than it looks!
We can’t wait for Matariki next year!