Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ted - x Visits Yendarra

Night time, Show time!

Thursday 5th May Yendarra School had the privilege of being both host and sponsor for the Ted-x Manukau launch. Our school was dressed in white sparkling with the colourful costumes, sound and smiles of our children who performed traditional song and dance for 30 visitors. It was an exciting opportunity to share our value of ‘manaakitanga and aroha’ with visitors to Yendarra.

Some of our performers have shared their special memories of the night by describing costume, sound and emotions.

For the Ted-x performance I wore a bright orange Samoan Puletasi with a repeated white flower pattern across the entire top. My hair was wrapped high on top of my head in a bun and to hold this in place I wore a head piece that glittered with flowers. I was excited to perform and at every moment smiled as best I could.
- Fesui Room 12

I felt so lucky to have the privilege to perform at a night time event with all my friends. I was in the choir and wore a beautiful black and magenta Samoan Puletasi with magnificent blue and yellow flowers in my hair. Shiny oil lathered on my skin which sparkled but made me feel really nervous at the same time. I heard our guest clapping as we sang beautifully and as the groups performed gracefully this made me excited.
- Grace Room 10

Dr Fizz and Che-fu at Yendarra

Water is BEST no FIZZ!
How lucky are we that there are others who share in our story of ‘water is best for our brains and bodies’. Thank you Dr Fizz and Che-fu for presenting the message of ‘strong health and living longer’ by making the right ‘drink choices’ like water over fizzy.

In preparation for the visit Room 12 morphed into news reporters creating questions that would get the ‘scoop’ on our visitors.

Do you think that your program and message will be enough to spread the news out to everyone who needs to hear it?

Che-fu who and what inspired you to be a musician?  Music can be a motivating vehicle have you started composing songs about your health message to share?

Che-fu is it challenging to talk about health in the media especially about your own health situation?
Why the name Dr Fizz?

Dr Fizz what inspired you to begin researching the impact of sugar in our diets? Is your investigating exhausting?

Water is BEST for our brains and bodies, Water is BEST!

We hope that Dr Fizz and Che-fu continue to share in harmony the happy health story to many more of our New Zealand whanau and know Yendarra is supporting you!