Monday, April 25, 2016

Room 13's Amazing Learning!


We have been learning a lot of interesting things this term!

We were fortunate enough to have tennis and hockey coaches come through to teach us how to play both sports and learn new skills. Our lessons were every Wednesday for five weeks. 

Part of our inquiry learning this term focused around Animals and Easter. Room 13 read a book about Alley Cats. We enjoyed learning about the use of verbs in this book.
Our art focus this term was to use crayon and dye in our artwork. Here are examples of our artwork!

Below we have examples of our artwork based on Easter. We learnt about the importance of Easter before our Easter holiday. Each student designed their own Easter egg and cross patterns using crayon and dye. All designs were inspired by cultural patterns.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Easter Masterpiece!

In Room 21 we enjoyed learning about the significance of Easter. We chose special symbols from the Easter story to create our visual art projects this term. 

Enjoy our masterpieces!  


My cross represents Jesus and how he died for us and my heart shows how much I love Jesus. 


My cross represents how Jesus sacrificed everything for us and died on the cross. Easter is important to me because I like spending time with my family. 

My Easter symbol is of the tomb and represents Jesus being resurrected. Easter is when our families get together to celebrate how Jesus sacrificed himself for us. 

I chose the tomb where Jesus was taken by Joseph. Easter is important to me because it’s a time for us to celebrate how Jesus helped us and died for our sins. 
Easter is about how Jesus died for our sins. My art shows how Jesus looks after us every day. 

I adore and respect Jesus, my Lord because he has given us the chance for new beginnings. My symbol represents Palm Sunday and the start of Easter celebrations.