Sunday, May 29, 2016

Telling Time in Room 13!

Kia ora koutou katoa and thank you for reading Room 13’s first blog for Term 2!

Once a week we learn about 
Measurement and Time. 

In Week One we worked in our teams and made sand timers to measure one minute. 

Here are Diadre, Jayden, Saedeze and Melania to tell you more!

"We were learning about time. We put sugar in a cup with a hole in it. There was a blue cup that had sugar in. Also there was a little cup so we could scoop the sugar and pour the sugar into the white cup. We had a time and it was 1 minute and we nearly made it. We had to draw a line so we knew where to stop and pour."

By Diadre and Jayden.

Saedeze and I were counting how long it takes to pour sugar in 1 minute. We both got a marker and measured the sugar. What we used to put the sugar in the cups was a scooper and we put the sugar in a white cup. It had a hole in the bottom so when it was 1 minute we marked it.
By Saedeze and Melania

In week two we worked in our teams again, this time to work out what activities we could get done in one minute. 
Our goal was to get a solid understanding of how long a minute is. 
Here’s a recount of our learning from Apitanga, Marqez and Heavenly. 

On Friday my team and I were writing about how many times can we do sports in one minute. In the sports there was lunges, star jumps, burpees, shuttles and star drawing. I was working with Auga and Ja’vaan. Our prediction for lunges was 20. When we tested lunges in one minute the real result was 23. Our prediction for star jumps was 15 but when we tested the star jumps the real result 21. In addition when my team and I got to burpees our prediction was 19 but when we tried it the real result was 30 because Auga and Ja’vaan did the burpees really fast. Our prediction for shuttles was 18 but the real result was 27 again because Ja’vaan did it fast. Last of all was star drawing our prediction was 22 but our result was 25 because Auga did it fast. The star jumps, shuttles, burpees and lunges are what we Room 13 do for fitness. My favourite part of this session was working as a team and supporting each other. My team is Team 4. What really impressed my team and I is seeing Miss Swainston happy with us and Room 13. What my team liked about this session is getting to do a job. I like seeing my team and I have a smile and I’m proud of our work. What my team and I also liked about maths time was learning about time. I really enjoyed working as a team and my team feels the same way.
My team and I really liked learning about time.

By Apitanga

On Friday we had to see how many things we could do in one minute.
The things we had to do was star jumps, burpees, star drawings and two other things. We had to do the burpees outside because we didn’t want to make a loud stomping noise.
My team is team 2. Sitani was the timer. The timer is the person who counts the minutes.
If you don't now what is star drawing you're just drawing stars for one minute.
My favorite thing was burpees and star jumps.

By Marqez

What we were doing for maths was learning to do minutes and read the clock. We counted how many fitness things we could do in one minute. We did star jumps, star drawing, shuffles and we figured out how many times we could do them in one minute. We guessed 20, 50, 16, 40 and we each had a turn and we worked as a whānau. We worked as a team and it was fun and we were all trying our best. We were doing shuffles outside and we got tired! We all had a job and we all worked together.

By Heavenly.