Sunday, May 17, 2020

Back to School Under Alert Level 2

Thank you to all our wonderful families for your support at this time. Welcoming home our tamariki today was an absolute joy! Seeing their smiles walking into school brought new life to our school as we have missed them very much.

We know there will be many new learnings, washing hands, surfaces and spreading out but we are just excited to be able to resume school and learning onsite once more.

Today we have already started singing in our music studio, learning in our learning gym and lego in our construction room.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Term 1 in Room 14

In Room 14 we celebrate the success, firstly by our attendance.  Over the weeks in term 1, we achieved over 90% attendance every week.  Superb effort whanau, keep it up!  Secondly, we appreciate and thank all our whanau, for sending our tamariki to school with healthy kai and in the correct uniform everyday. Ngā mihi nui kia koutou.

Along with healthy kai, correct uniform and brilliant attendance, comes exciting learning. We use materials to assist us in maths and in other learning areas, we read books for a sustained amount of time, we share our understanding using keywords, we identify main points, we also looked at, how to greet someone in Te Reo Māori ‘the hongi - pressing of noses’ As you can see the fun of learning ain't over yet. During the term, our Year 5 and 6 students had the opportunity to head off to the whare kai and mahi mara, alongside Mr Greig and our wonderful volunteers. Not stopping there, we also welcomed Coach Alister, Coach Mikare and Coach Jarot.  They are teaching our tamariki the fundamentals for the sport code, Australian Football League (AFL). Our students are loving this experience.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Mahi māra

Learning in our māra is one of the most exciting times of the learning week for Room 10 because there is so much to do, learn about and then share with others.

John and Izrayl are kneeling on soft green knee pads while harvesting small yellow tomatoes which will be used in today's lunch meal.

Nako and Vuka are now digging a hole to put everybody’s fruit waste in. The fruit waste will produce nutrients for the garden as it breaks down helping us to have 'golden soil' to plant more vegetables to harvest in our māra.

Thank you to our volunteers especially Ms Powell for the aroha and manaakitanga you gift to us in our kīhini and māra. We feel very lucky to learn these valuable skills we will take with us beyond Yendarra.

Photography and captions by
Trinity Ha’unga and Ezekiel Greig

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Our māra

Phew! That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I wonder what I was thinking, mm…. 

In whare kai this week, we made banana and coconut muffins with passionfruit curd.  It definitely is not easy, but with the recipe at hand it sure did help. With the help of our wonderful volunteers they assisted our group to measure a range of dry ingredients and to prepare the wet ingredients to be finally combined together.  This experience was fantastic. I learnt how to fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. This step is crucial because you don't want to over beat your mixture and let too much air into it, this causes the batter to become rubbery.

By Sam

Finally it's my turn! I've been waiting for this moment since I was a Year 4. 
Today I got to experience whare kai, along with other students. 
It was amazing, because we made some delicious muffins with
a dollop of passionfruit curd. Mr. Jarrit also helped to prepare yummy
mexican corn. Once the corn was cooked, we added  
salt, pepper and coriander, followed by a yummy sauce. 

By Shiloh 

My first experience in mahi mara today was spectacular. 
We were picking beans, using a pair of garden scissors.
I also used a shovel to dig a hole, for our school compost.  

Miss Harrison reminded me to only ask one question,
I really needed to think hard about what that
one question could be.  I had so many wonderings, while
I was in the garden with our volunteers. I thoroughly enjoyed
my time today in the mahi mara.
By Darcy 

Thursday, February 27, 2020

STEM learning open for 2020

Today in our wharekai we made banana and coconut muffins served with passion fruit curd.... delicious! This was the first time our year 5 friends visited the wharekai and they were filled with enthusiasm and excitment.
Our year5 friends put on their aprons, washed their hands, read the recipe and started to work their way through the instructions with all the tasty ingredients.
They cannot wait to go back again!