Monday, October 30, 2017

Fakalofa Lahi Atu! Welcome to Term 4.

We have been celebrating Niuean Language Week at Yendarra School, what a fantastic way to start the term.

The students and kaiako have been learning all about Niuean culture and language. We have been practicing the language through conversations and songs. It was wonderful to see the Niuean flag flying high up on our flagpole all week.

In Room 10 we have been using Niue as our writing motivation throughout the week. Adi has written a story about visiting Niue and learning all about their beautiful culture and traditions. Here is her story.

“Wow such a beautiful view from up here. It’s very gorgeous” I said to my family as we looked across the vista of the Niuean beach and forest. My family and I couldn’t wait to explore the peaceful island of Niue. We are travelling around this Pacific Island nation and experiencing everything that the culture has to offer. I’ve heard some facts about Niue that are kind of surprising.

Fact 1 - Did you know that James Cook actually named the island Savage Island when he visited Niue in 1774? However the name was changed back to Niue, its original name, which means “Behold the Coconut”  

Fact 2 -  90 - 95% of Niueans live in New Zealand, there are only around 1200 people living in the country of Niue.

Fact 3 - There are 14 villages on the Island of Niue. In fact they are very close to each other so you’re easily able to walk the whole of Niue in a day or two.

Fact 4 -Alofi is the capital of Niue, this is where their Members of Parliament work. I have learnt that there are no political parties in Niue, only independent members of parliament. 

Fact 5 - What’s really surprising is there only one school on the island and that is, of course, located in Alofi. The school in Niue follows the New Zealand curriculum and children are taught Vagahau Niue (the Niuean language) and English.

Fact 6 -. Niuean people are really talented, they catch huge coconut crabs that are pretty scary and surprising at the same time. In Niue they call coconut crabs uga. The uga are a delicacy, which means that they are very special to eat.

Niue is a really lovely country, people are smiling, cheering and laughing. I am loving my visit to Niue with my family and I am learning so much. Niuean people are very creative and they also love to learn, just like my music teacher Mr Lakatani (he is a very kind man). I hope that after reading about my adventures in Niue you will want to continue learning about this amazing country and maybe visit there with your family too.