Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Young Scientists

Did you know that Room 21 is full of young scientists? It’s true! We have been learning how to think like a scientist and have started by doing cool experiments. 

We have begun by learning how to make observations like a scientist would. We have used our five senses to help us with our observations.

The first experience we had was finding out which parts of our tongues taste bitter, sour and sweet flavours. We worked with a partner to drop a little bit of sugar, salt and lemon juice onto different parts of our tongue to see if each part tasted the flavours stronger than others. We made sure that we recorded our observations on a chart – just like a real scientist!

Some flavours definitely tasted stronger than others. The tip of our tongue picks up sweet tastes, the sides pick up sour flavours and the back picks up bitter flavours. 

The next experiment we did was to see what would happen to mnm’s when they were put into water. We made a prediction (a guess) before and made sure we recorded it so we could refer back to it during the experiment. 

I think the mnm’s will sink when they are put into the water – Nivarah

I think the colour will come away from the mnm and it will make the water dirty – Perez

During our observation we made sure that we recorded any changes we saw. We also checked what was happening against what we thought might happen (our prediction). Look at what happened!

At first the colours formed a wall. They didn’t blend at all. We needed to keep watching. - Fesui

After seven minutes the colours started to blend together, a white colour appeared. We think that might have come from the shell. We made sure we kept recording what observations we were making.

We love science in Room 21 and can’t wait to do more experiments next term!