Sunday, June 23, 2019

Healthy Kai is Healthy colours by Room 13

In room 13 we have been leaning about the importance of eating healthy kai. We started by looking at the different types of sugar. The healthy sugar that come in our fruit and vegetables, called glucose can be added to our everyday food. We then looked at the unhealthy sugar called sucrose, which comes from sugar cane plants. This sugar is best left for “sometimes as a treat” food. This sugar is found in most food that is made in factories by people. We discovered that the glucose sugar in strawberries is much healthier for us than the sucrose sugar that is put in strawberry Jam.

Our next investigation was about the importance of having plenty of water. We learned the word hydration means to have enough water for our body and that dehydration means our body needs more water. Our study also included the importance of having some carbohydrate foods for energy as well as protein for muscle growth and cell repair.

This lead us to discussing the health benefits of different coloured fruit and vegetables. We discovered yellow food group includes orange food and has lots of vitamin C in it. Red helps make our blood healthy and is good for our bone joints. Our greens are very important because they are packed with heaps of vitamins, minerals and fibre, which is good to help digest our food and get rid of all the waste our body does not need.  All the white fruit and vegetables help keep us healthy because they are good at building up our immune system which means they help our body stay healthy.

We interviewed a buddy about what they had in their lunch and then wrote about what was healthy about their lunch. This has encouraged lots of discussions during lunch break as to what is the best food for us to bring to school for lunch. 

“ Apples are healthy because it makes you strong and healthy. Apples are a red colour food. Sometimes they are a green coloured food” – NeeKelly

“I asked Rosemary what she had in her lunch box. What she had for her lunch was a sandwich, a pear and a orange for her lunch. What’s healthy is that the sandwich is healthy for you and the orange is a healthy fruit for your mind. It has natural sugar in it called glucose.  Annabelle
What I know about healthy kai is the fruit is a healthy kai because healthy fruit is good for you. My healthy kai is a big good apple. It is good for your lunch and the good thing is that it has lots of vitamins and healthy natural sugars. The other good thing The other good thing for your lunch is tomato and vegetables”. Katarina

“My buddy said he had an apple and yoghurt for lunch. He also said he had garlic bread. The reason the apple is healthy is because it has glucose inside of it. Garlic bread is not healthy because it has sucrose in it. Yoghurt isn’t really healthy because it has a lot of sugar in it. Sugar is kind of healthy because it has calcium in it which is good for our bones”. Losaline