Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Room 3's Healthy kai

At the beginning of Term 3, Yendarra School had a look at healthy eating.  Our school-wide focus for the year is Numeracy.  So, Room 3 thought to have a look at investigating how much fruit and vegetables we eat compared with our junk food intake.  Our findings were very interesting.

We had a look at the food pyramid to discuss which types of food we eat heaps of compared with how much food we’re supposed to eat heaps of. 

Our investigation was question-driven.  First, we formulated a number of possible questions to choose from:  How many vegetables a day do we eat? How many students in Room 3 love to eat vegetables? What is Room 3’s favourite fruit to eat? 

The questions we chose were:  How many fruits and vegetables do we eat per day?  How much junk food do we eat per day?

Next, we had to gather suitable data.  We split into groups of four and gathered data.  With the help of our teacher, we collated all the data from all groups and put it together to present the data in a sensible way.

As we gathered data, we had more questions to ask.  It became clear who eats more fruit and vegetables and who eats more junk food.

We chose to present the class data through a bar graph because it’s clearer and easier to see the differences.

We found that our girls eat more fruits than the boys but, the boys eat more vegetables than the girls.

Overall, our data shows that our Year 3s eat more junk food than our Year 4s.

However, our data may not be truthful as some of our boys figured out how to manipulate the data.

So, our investigation is not yet final.  We did find out that our teacher, Mrs. Tuusolo does not like to eat fruit!

What will Room 3 investigate next?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Room 19 Swimming


This term Room 18 and 19 are learning the value of swimming safely in the water and on a boat.  The opportunity made possible by Kiwisport funding and the Otara Leisure Centre staff.  The programme is each Monday for the term and each week the children, parents and teachers have been excited about the new learning children will gain from the experience.

Room 19 boys have learnt a lot already and wanted to share this learning with you so far…

I have learnt that it is important to wear a life jacket on a boat every time.  By Latrell

We learnt that you need to take warm clothing and signalling devices on a boat trip so you can stay warm and can get rescue teams attention. By Asera

If you are in the water you need to make a huddle to stay warm from each other’s body heat and keep injured friends alert and protected. By Sila

And do you know where the REFLECTORS are located on a life jacket?

While we can’t wait to share with you more learning in the weeks ahead, until then stay safe and ALWAYS WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET… IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!