Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mane Art in Room 13

On Monday 4th August, Yendarra School celebrated MANE ART. We used the books we have been reading to inspire our artwork.

In Room 13, we had been reading Tamure and the Taniwha by Ron Bacon and Manu Smith. We loved this myth because Tamure the heroic giant saved the villagers from the nasty taniwha.

We decided to create a kakahu (cloak) for Tamure to acknowledge and celebrate his bravery. We each created feathers; we used our knowledge of blending colours to make them visually interesting. When they had dried, we added detail with pastel and cut them out. Mrs Childs helped us to join them together and make a cloak. This cloak is now displayed in our classroom.

We used the characters and setting from the story to inspire our writing. We wrote cinquain poems about Tamure, the taniwha and the ocean where the story takes place.

Here are some examples of our poetry:

Nasty, vicious
Terrifying, horrifying, swimming
As blue as the sea and the sky
By Napole

Majestic, mythical
Roaring, creeping, aggravating
As hideous as Picasso’s pictures
By Jenn

Deadly, strong
Helping, stomping, stamping
As tough as an ant trying to carry a big block of sugar
By Emma

 We are really looking forward to the next Mane Art session!

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