Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yendarra Kitchen Rules

Room 21 have been learning all about healthy eating. We learned about  5+ a day and what this means.  We have looked at the different food groups and how much we should be eating of each group to have a well-balanced diet. Did you know that some fruit and vegetables are good for specific parts of our bodies? 

We looked at menus and healthy food cook books and decided to create our own café, The Otara Chiefs Café and The Crystal Café. We decided to make carrot and celery sticks for a healthy entrée, delicious salad and ham sandwiches for our main and yummy fruit kebabs for dessert. We loved it!
On Monday the 1st of September Room 21 created their café. We had already named our café’s – The Crystal Café and the Otara Chiefs Café. We got into groups of 3 and planned to make an entrée, main and dessert. – Azariah.

We were happy with our café. It was cool. We had so much fun when we were making our fruit kebabs. I even went home and told my Mum and Dad about it. My group made fruit kebabs for our café. We used kiwifruit, banana, apples, mandarins, grapes and fluffy marshmallows. Our group was a little bit slow because we had to make 46 kebabs – 2 for each person! I felt tired. – Cedrikz.

We enjoyed learning about healthy eating this term and each of us would be happy to share what we have learnt with our friends and whanau . Now that we know how to make these healthy snacks we can’t wait to make these with our families too.

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