Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Matariki Learning

Children in Room 21 have been learning about Matariki, what makes it unique to New Zealand and how we celebrate it.

We read and listened to stories. We learned that there is a cluster of 7 stars. There are old stories that say these 7 stars represent 7 evil sisters that tried to starve Matai’s brothers to death. (Keithaline)

We learned that there are many ways to celebrate Matariki. We can celebrate it by spending time with our family and friends. We can gather kaimoana and go fishing. We can also learn to weave and carve. (Awhiana)

A small group of us visited our wharehui to look at the beautiful carvings.

We thought we would try weaving. With the help of our kaumatua Mrs Baker, we learned to weave angel fish and flowers. We discovered that it is a lot harder than it looks!
We can’t wait for Matariki next year!

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  1. We loved hearing about your Matariki learning especially the weaving. Maybe you could come and teach a group in Room 20 how to weave.
    Room 20 & Mrs Walter