Sunday, May 31, 2015

Visual Art in Room 19

We learnt to paint and blend colours to capture the scenery of Flanders field and then describe the poppies that grow there by stretching sentences with the WH starters.

A delicate poppy drifts side to side with the powerful wind on a strong, stormy night in the amazing Flanders field to remind us of the great war where many suffered in 1915.
By Shalah-Maye Year 6

The tall, big and red poppies are swishing and swaying on a windy day in 

Gallipoli to tell us about the sacrifice of the soldiers from ANZAC.

By Lilo Year 6

The amazing poppies have blossomed and are swaying side to side during the afternoon on the top of the mountain because the wind is trying to blow them away.
By Fesui Year 5

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