Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Honoring the Mighty!

As part of learning in term two we read books, watched videos and listened to music that told us the story of ANZAC.
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We feel privileged because many made great sacrifices for all of us.  To honour the memory of our fallen soldiers our school planned a special morning assembly and we have shared our feelings of this moment through our writing using the senses to describe our thoughts.

I feel rain drops running down my neck and face.
I hear a trumpet playing to say the war has now ended.  It is making me cry but the rain washes away my tears.
I smell the fresh air blowing across my face.
I see people coming forward in the crowd and laying down their wreaths of remembrance.
I touch my hands and feel my heart during one minute of silence to remember the greatest sacrifice of time. By Prysaia R19

I hear people singing the national anthem and Yendarra children marching for ANZAC.  I can hear Shalah-Maye, Joseph, Nora and Mrs Greig speaking on the microphone.
I can feel the water dripping on me and the air going through my skin.  I feel rain splashing on my skin and it is making me cold.
I can touch the rain drops on the mat that we are sitting on and it has started to spread out.
I smell the air and the green grass as well.
I can see the Yendarra children and our families who came to honour the ANZAC soldiers.  I am standing before the remembrance field and see crosses and New Zealand flags. By Trezal R19

I hear the bugle playing the last post telling me the war is now over.
I feel sad because the ceremony is making people cry as they remember the sacrifice of fallen soldiers.
I touch the pouring rain as we sing Te Aroha in peace.
I smell the fresh air while I am standing in front of the remembrance field.
I see white crosses with the names of fallen soldiers and nurses.  It makes me feel so emotional because there were a lot of New Zealand men and women that served in war from our community and lost their lives. By Fesui R19  

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