Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Tuli Family Say Thank You

We had the privilege of rowing in our ‘waka’ and touring the ‘pacific’ with a performance from the Tuli family in honour of their sister Sosiana.  We feel blessed that we could give a little during mufti-day to support Sosiana and were overwhelmed with the aroha extended back to us from the entire family.

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Watching the Tuli family during their performance made me feel excited.
First Mr Tuli performed a Tongan dance.
Second the Tuli family performed a Maulu’ulu from Samoa.
Finally Mr Tuli introduced all his family performers to us.
It was a fantastic show and I’m glad we gave to the family for mufti-day.
By Devon

Watching the Tuli family performance under the fale made me feel so happy because their performance was done beautifully.
First Mr Tuli and his group performed an amazing Tongan performance that is only performed for royal people.
Then they performed a Samoan sasa and Fijian fan dance that was very upbeat and entertaining.
Thank you Tuli family for visiting and dancing for us, we are happy that Sosiana is doing well.
By Fesui

C:\Users\jazming\Google Drive\Birthday\20150507_142740.jpg

C:\Users\jazming\Google Drive\Birthday\20150507_142740.jpg

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