Monday, November 20, 2017

Room 13

Bucket drumming with Mr Lakatani

Room 13 has been given an opportunity to do bucket drumming with Mr Lakatani every Tuesday each week. We have learnt lots of different things from Mr Lakatani. If you hit the bucket in the middle, the edge and the side it all makes a different sound.

We also talked about different notes. Mr Lakatani said there were long notes, short notes and a rest. If you mix it all together like a milkshake you get a phrase and that phrase is all the beats you put together.

We practised a beat and we had to say left right left right right left and that’s another beat too. It was easy one we kept practising the phrase as we played. Afterwards we put all the beats we learned together and that was a challenge for me. I felt like giving up but I still did it and now I like bucket drumming and look forward to working with Mr Lakatani every Tuesday.

By Lorielle Salefao
Year 4

White Water Park

It was time to head into He Taonga Aroha. We got changed then we came back out with our towel. We got to wear our Yendarra jackets and I was super excited. It was time to go on the bus. On our way to White Water Park I was energized. I thought it was the pools but it was not. It was kind of like a mini beach. I couldn’t stop smiling, we took off our Yendarra jackets and put them against the wall. We waited and we hopped in the pool. It was freezing cold. Our instructor told us to do some jumps and run to make us stay warm. 

We did some free styling and kicking while on our back. We got out and changed into our free t-shirts we got given. When we got out of our changing rooms we had morning tea.   For morning tea we had a banana, an apple and we also had a muesli bar which was to give us energy. After that, we went in the into the Vodafone Events Centre and waited. When it was time get our certificate and medal I was thrilled. I received my certificate and medal and I was overjoyed. We took a lot of photos and we even took a photo with the famous John Walker. 

We went on the bus and headed to Subway in Manukau. That is what we had for lunch. Then we came back to school and got changed into our uniform. We came back to class and told our class about what we did at White Water Park. My favourite part was getting the certificate and medal and also being on One News. I had the best day of the year. I am so pleased that I got chosen because I have tried my best to come to school everyday this year.

By Aaliyah Taulu
Year 5

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