Monday, August 14, 2017

Kia ora from Room 16

In Room 16 we have been looking at money and the people who are on it. Did you know that Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to summit Mt Everest in Nepal? He is on our $5 note.

We imagined what it might have been like for Sir Edmund Hillary and wrote a diary entry from April 1953, when he, and his crew, were at their second base camp.

April 12th, 1953

We are now at Base Camp 2, on the top of the gruelling icefall, in the petrifying western valley of Mt Everest.
Half the crew are building walls to protect the camp while the other half and eating and drinking warm coffee. As they dig and eat, the harsh wind blows. They are frightened and exhausted from climbing. They are also struggling with the cold. It is bad, but we may stay here to rest and get more energy.

Looking down on the valley we feel like we are the only people that are brave enough to even go up this enormous mountain.
I am worried because I may lose one of them or one of them may die, but we are a team and we stick together.

Edmund Hillary.

Written By Olivia Taholo

April 12th, 1953

We are at Base Camp number 2 on the top of the icefall. I am petrified that the crew is going to die but I believe that I have gallant men that will fight on.

My crew and I are building walls to protect the tents so that the wind doesn’t blow them away. The wind is whistling louder and louder and it is getting colder and colder.

Tomorrow brings a well deserved rest for my gallant crew.

Edmund Hillary

Written by Falaniko Ah Ching

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