Sunday, August 20, 2017

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In Room 15 we have been learning about key competencies. We know that there are 5 main elements.  These are;
-       Relating to others
-       Managing self
-       Using language, symbols and text
-       Thinking
-       Participating and contributing
Our focus in our class is thinking.  We know the definition for thinking is;

noun: thinking.
1.     the process of considering or reasoning about something.
2.     "the selectors have some thinking to do before the match"
     a person's ideas or opinions.
      "his thinking is reflected in his later autobiography"
With the support of the dictionaries definition, I think that thinking is very important when it comes to learning.  I use thinking to share my thoughts, opinions and ideas when I am working in a group, by myself and with our teacher.  Thinking is important, it helps us decide what our next action is.

Our class focus this term is narrative writing.
We are learning to use the dictionary to help us with the correct spelling, also to understand the meaning of words.
WALT: describe the character

On a extremely sunny day there was a gigantic gruffalo with humongous spike’s on his back. The spikes were scary because they were as purple as a tin of paint. He had a green wart like the summer green grass.  He had wobbly, wrinkly knees. His knees are as wobbly as jelly, and as grey as concrete.  The gruffalo’s eye’s are like a huge ball of flames and horns on top of his head as sharp as dragon's teeth with very long nails.
By Fenix-Brouq

WALT: describe the complication

One dim afternoon, I noticed through my window a alien went zooming, through the clouds.  When he was in the dark sky he nearly hit the enormous castle that I was in.  I thought he was going to wake up the dragon.  Then I could hear a loud noise coming from the alien’s mouth.  The alien was so loud, he woke up the dragon. The dragon steered at the ceiling for a few seconds, wondering what was that noise.  As he got up out of bed, the alien speed off and the dragon went back to sleep.   By Mihaka

Our class sport focus this term is basketball.

We have had the opportunity to have coach Peter. He as come in, to teach us some basketball skills.  The skills I have learnt so far are;
-      pivoting, similar to netball
-      dribbling,
-      figure eight
-      put the ball in your pocket
-      pass to your team mates
We had so much fun,we look forward to next week's session. “We can’t wait!”
Thanks coach Peter.
From Room 15

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