Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yendarra visits the Botanical Gardens

A selected group of 30 children were given the opportunity to travel to the Botanical gardens in Manukau heights on Friday 11th April.  The students were able to learn about habitats of native and introduced insects and animals to New Zealand .The day was informative, interactive and a lot of fun. Thank you to the Auckland Council for making this opportunity possible.  The learning we will keep with us and share with others.

I really enjoyed learning about where bats live and what they eat.

I didn’t know you need to use traps to stop pests from hurting our plants and other birds and insects.

 I learnt that there are long tailed bats and they live in trees and eat moths.

It was so funny running through the Kauri forest maze finding answers to different questions.  I nearly got lost but there were a lot of helpers there to look after you.

Special points of interest:
· Introduced animals are those that have come from overseas to New Zealand.

· New Zealanders are often referred to as Kiwi’s because of our most treasured wing-less bird

· Possums are a big pest!!


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