Thursday, November 27, 2014

Looking ahead to 2015

We can’t believe that there are only a few more weeks left of the school year. While we are preparing for our end of year celebrations like our Family Picnic Day and Year 6 Graduation we are also looking forward to 2015. We are hoping that all children will return to Yendarra School for another year of learning, friendship building and more. 

Transience means children regularly changing schools and Yendarra, along with many other schools regularly faces the challenge of some students being at our school for a very short period.

A change in school does affect children’s learning and their ability to form good relationships with other children. As we did this year, all children who return or enrol at Yendarra during week 1 of the new term will receive their stationery for the year (books, pencils etc.) for free as well as going in the draw to win a free school uniform.
You have shown all of New Zealand how committed you are in providing healthy food for our children so let’s see if together we can create another ‘Headline’ about Yendarra parents reversing the trend of children changing schools. We would be delighted if every child we currently have returns to us in the New Year as we know that this will benefit their learning success.

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