Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We are a bronze ENVIRO-SCHOOL!

Over the past few years everyone at Yendarra School has worked very hard to look after the environment. We have been recycling paper and cardboard. Our food scraps are put into compost bins and then the compost is used in our beautiful gardens. So we decided to invite Haley Lowe, our Enviroschools facilitator to visit us so we could reflect on our journey.
We welcomed Haley to our school with a beautiful waiata sung by Room 18. 
Then some wonderful Year 5 and 6 students represented our school and shared our journey with Haley. We even took a tour around the school so we could show Haley what an amazing school we have! She loved seeing our gardens and beautiful student artwork that we have displayed around our school.
Haley loved looking at our beautiful mural which shares our school vision with the world.
Our reflection team talk to Haley and tell her why Yendarra Students are empowered!

“Wow!” said Haley “I would like to announce that Yendarra School is a Bronze Enviroschool!”
She gave us a lovely certificate and we all cheered. What an exciting moment!
We will keep working hard so that we can become a Silver Enviroschool.

What ways do you look after the environment?
Why is it important to look after Papatuanuku – Mother Earth?

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  1. I am so proud of us! We have all worked hard together to get this amazing award. I love looking after Papatuanuku (Mother Earth)