Thursday, March 30, 2017

Room 13's Te Ao Maori experience

Haka Powhiri

“Haere mai, haere mai, haere mai koe” the lady chanted as she welcomed us onto the Te Waiariki Marae. We were at the Marae and my mind blew with excitement and fantastic wonder. When I walked into the Marae it had beautiful carvings, one of them symbolised peace, strength and new life.

By Aaliyah Taulu 

He Oranga Poutama

As me and Manaia were scampering on the game Ki Oma no one could pull the tags off me and Manaia. On the last round of Ki oma we were delighted that no one ripped the tags of us. After that we played a game called Poitoa. We learnt to perform an underarm
throw with the poi. Whaea Keri gave us a really tough challenge and told us to catch with the tail. I felt very blissful because I could catch the tail of the poi.

By Ivalani Latu 

Accelerating and chasing my peers frantically. I was speeding to rip Xialo’s tag. Whaea Keri from He Oranga Poutama taught us how to play Ki Oma.
By David Moimoi 

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