Friday, May 23, 2014

Helping Hands

Brotherhood means so much to us and our old boys.  We were sad to hear news about a past Yendarra brother being very ill in hospital. Because of this the Yendarra Whanau decided to show aroha and manaaki by hosting a mufti day in support.

Sam will always be a member of the Yendarra Whanau and because of this reason during writing learning we have been learning to write prayers to GodWe know God is living, forgiving and loving so know he will hear our prayers and comfort Sam and other seriously sick children at this time.

Dear Lord,
I pray you will watch over Sam and his family during this time.  Give him good memories to keep him calm in hospital.  Help him with his sickness so he can be strong and healthy.
Lead and guide Sam with your grace and especially your love.  Make the doctors and his family wise so they can make him better and stop any more illness.
This I pray in your precious name. Amen.

Heavenly Father,
I ask you to help our  brother Sam get well when he is in hospital. Give him strength to go back and play rugby for school.  Make him healthy again so he can run around with his friends at school and family at church.
Take bad thoughts away so that he can think about getting better.   Help his family during this hard time going to see him every week in hospital.  I want him to get better soon so he can come out to play sport and sketch in art and maybe he could visit Yendarra again.
In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
By Teariki 

May God continue to be with us and those who need him. Amen.



  1. Hi boys it me Lelefu Sangyum i miss Yendarra and boys be good to miss and dont give up on your self and to Bayley look after the boys for me and look after miss boys. lol

  2. Hi boys be good boy and never give up on your self

    FROM : Lelefu Sangyum

  3. Thank you Nu'u and Lelefu for remembering the brotherhood how lucky we are that you haven't forgotten you still own a place in this TEAM. Dream BIG, Achieve GREAT and Pray FAITHFULLY.
    From: Mrs Greig

  4. boyz who who play hard boyz who work hard boyz who

    #well done