Friday, May 23, 2014

Room 2

We have been learning all about looking after the environment. We have been learning what re-use, reduce, recycle and rot mean. Anna-Maria is going to tell you all about our science experiment.

We are investigating if fruit scraps, paper and plastic decomposes-that means rot. First Miss Kelly brought us some plastic cups. Secondly we put the materials that are waste inside the plastic cups. Next we went outside, dug up some soil and plopped it in the cup over the waste but we didn’t cover it all with soil because we needed to see if the waste was going to decompose. Then we stuck on the sticky name tags so we know what’s inside each cup. After that we picked up our cups and watered them and lastly we put our cups on the window sill until eight weeks is over, that’s until term 2 two is finished. During the term we are going to observe our waste to see if it decomposes and record our observations. I predict that the fruit waste is going to decompose and it is going to turn into soil. I think the paper is going to stay the same. I also predict that the plastic is going to do nothing but stay the same like the paper. Room 2 has been working really hard and thinking like scientists

Room 2 loves numeracy! Prysaia is going to tell you about what she has been doing during numeracy time.

Hi my name is Prysaia. I am learning to instantly recall addition facts to 20 and instantly recall multiplication facts for 2, 5, and 10. That means I need to say the answers fast. I use my basic facts when I learn new strategies so I can solve number problems. Then I can be intelligent and my parents will be proud of me because I have been working and focusing and proving to my teacher that I will always be focused and full of intelligent ideas. 

We are always striving to...BE THE BEST WE CAN!

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