Sunday, June 7, 2015

Creative art in Room 22

In Room 22 we have been reading and looking at books written and illustrated by Robyn Kahukiwa. She is a Maori artist and has won awards for her books.
One book we enjoyed was Paikea, about the ancestor of the Eastern and Southern Maori tribes who fled from his jealous brother in Hawaiki and travelled on the back of a whale to Aotearoa.
The tukutuku panels used in the background stood out and looked like some in our wharehui. We thought we could try weaving some tukutuku panels ourselves.

First we looked at different tukutuku panels and Dejunay and Hope found out some information:
  • Tukutuku panels are a traditional Maori art form that can be seen on the walls of a wharehui.
  • Tukutuku panels are weaved with harakeke which is a flax.
  • All tukutuku panels have meaning.
This tukutuku shows many stars that represent the people.

Next we practised using line and pattern to draw different tukutuku designs on grid paper and then practised weaving. Then we began weaving with wool and black card. 
Here are some of our weavings so far...
This design called Poutama symbolises a climb made by a Maori hero who climbed to receive the three baskets of knowledge from the gods.IMG_0098.JPG
Watch this space for more of our weavings.

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