Thursday, June 25, 2015

Room 22 Presents... Alligator Alley!

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On Tuesday Rm 22 had an assembly. We performed a play called Alligator Alley in the wharehui. When the children walked in I felt so nervous that I got butterflies in my stomach. I was the reader with Joyful and I was trying to read with expression. When our assembly finished I felt proud of myself because I was using a loud voice. I saw the kids happy so I knew they thought the play was excellent. Josey.
 Josey and Joyful as the readers and Mykyll as Mrs O’Malley.

Room 22 performed a play and it was called Alligator Alley. We did the play in the wharehui. When we started I felt really confident. I was Mrs O’Malley and she was the main character who went walking down by Alligator Alley. When we finished I was very proud of myself because I was not too shy. I went and hugged my mum and she was very proud of me too. Mykyll.
Savannah, Daniel, Tamanui and Javaan as the frogs.

Last Tuesday we performed a play at the wharehui. I was a frog and the play was called Alligator Alley. The parents arrived first. Then Rm 13 was the first class to show up. I was feeling pretty confident. Suddenly all the classes came. It was time for our play. “Alligator Alley,” said Joyful and Josey. The frogs, (me, Tamanui, Savannah and Torah) said “Beware! Beware! Don’t stop, don’t stare, don’t dilly-dally in Alligator Alley.” Finally it was the end and I just felt like hugging my mum. Daniel.
Mafi, Hope, Ellen-Rose and Johnny as the snakes.
Waimarino, Kristina, Kay-Lee and Dejunay as the birds.

Rm 22 were performing a play at assembly and it was called Alligator Alley. I was a bird. When the guests arrived I was feeling like I was going to explode with happiness! I was excited and I felt like I was going to be sick but I wasn’t because it already started. I wasn’t shy anymore because nobody laughed at me. At the end I felt free! Kristina.
Senituli and Cedrikz as the alligators.

We enjoyed performing to an audience and would like to thank all the families that came along to watch us.


  1. What an awesome performance R22 shared. You played to the audience beautifully which showed in their engagement. Thank you R22 for being the best.

  2. The children and Miss Ratu from room 2 think that your performance was excellent. We loved your costumes and props.
    Love from room 2.