Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Waterslide

A fantastic piece of crafted writing from one of our Year 4 tamariki. Keep it up.

The Waterslide

By Trinity

It was such a hot, boiling, blistering day that I felt like my skin was peeling
off! Me and my big family drove to the pools. It was my birthday! There was
every water slide you could ever imagine. Then I saw a humongous, gigantic
water slide. It was very colourful. Me and my cousins raced up the wooden
stairs. There was a dark hole waiting for me to get in. As I slid in the water
slide, it was freezing like cold ice! As I pushed the metal, silver bars, there
were flashing colourful lights on top of me. “Whee!” I heard someone
screaming but it was actually me! The water was splashing in my eyes. But
then I twisted and turned onto my stomach. I was feeling very terrified.
As I saw some light, I knew I was almost to the end. Suddenly I flew out
into the deep pool and water splashed into my mouth. “Yuck!” People were
looking and staring at me. I smiled back at them. I shouted, “Best water
slide ever!!!”

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