Thursday, March 8, 2018

Visual Art - Eye On Nature

In room 14, we have been working on identifying some leaves around Yendarra school!  We have been looking for different leaves, it didn’t matter if they were big or small.  After Room 14 had collected all their different leaves, we got to work! We went back to our classroom and Miss Harrison gave us a blank piece of paper.  We then started the leaf rubbing process, it wasn’t that hard. Miss Harrison demonstrated this for us first, it was awesome. We didn’t need to press hard with the crayon.

The next day, Miss Harrison told us to swap our papers with a buddy.  Our activity was that we had to identify the leaves that the person had leaf rubbed the previous day.  As we started to walk around our school, our job was to locate and identify which leaves matched with the ones on the paper each of us had. Once that was completed, we collected similar leaves and returned to our class.  Miss Harrison then gave us a paper, and we did the same process again.

We had a class discussion of what we found.  It was interesting to hear all the different thoughts. We also justified our reasons why we thought our leaf matched the image on our paper.  With evidence of rubbing the leaf, we explained our understanding. After all our hard work, leaf rubbing was fun!

By: Malia and Lorielle   

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