Thursday, June 8, 2017

Autumn Leaves
To celebrate the end of Autumn, room 13 drew leaves. We coloured them in using oil pastels and blended the colours together. We learnt about using warm and cold colours to make our leaves stand out. We also wrote similes to describe our leaves.

I am rushing down like a superhero saving the world – Kelepi

I can hear the wind flowing like waves crashing into the sand - Tapu

I swoop down like an eagle getting fish from the sea - Ivalani

I am falling like a feather - Xialo

I am chilling on a tree like a billionaire- Fuea

I am colourful like a rainbow shining bright - Hosea

I am crispy like corn flakes - Aaliyah

I am falling like an angel - Toren

I am sitting on a tree like a king on its throne - David

I am gentle like a new born baby’s skin – Kami

I can hear the wind like a werewolf barking – Lorielle

I am floating like clouds in the air – Manaia

I am dropping down like an apple falling from a tree - Andrew

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