Thursday, June 15, 2017

Science in a van
On Tuesday the 9th of May we met two mysterious and puzzling Scientists. They introduced themselves to the Yendarra Whanau. They came to Yendarra School to teach us all about Science.

When the Senior Whanau went into He Taonga Aroha, we found out that we were going to be doing experiments based around ‘What’s the Matter’.

We learnt that there are 3 states of Matter called Solids, Liquids and Gases.

Here is some recount writing from students in Room 11:

We were hyped for the big day because Science in a van was coming to our school to teach us some Science experiments.

As the junior and senior whanau walked to the netball court, we saw some puzzling teachers that weren't themselves.

The science in a van came here to show us some awesome science.

The Seniors walked to the Wharenui while the Juniors were in their class. Alan was talking about solids, liquids and gases and what it looks like, and how it behaves.

5 volunteers went to the front because they were going to test their senses. After that, Emily was going to experience what happens when you put baking soda and vinegar together. I was wondering if it was going to inflate, just like the experiment we did in term one.

The most amazing part was when Alan put an icy looking shape in a bottle. It looked like a hexagonal prism. He put in a bottle and then… foggy fluffy little clouds came popping out, bursting out of the bottle like an erupting volcano exploding!

It is dangerous if you put it in a sealed container, it will explode, BANG!!! And then you will not be in a happy mood.

By Zephyr

On Tuesday 9:30 the whole school went and sat in front of the junior park. First the scientist introduced her and her husband.Their names were Emily and Alan. Next, Emily went to pull a tablecloth off a table and on the table was a  teapot and 4 batman cups, they told us to scream “3,2,1”so we did, and when she pulled it, all of the cups and the teapot stayed.

Then we went inside the wharenui and done some more experiments.When when we went inside Alan put something around his head to make his voice loud so everyone heard him.Then Alan chose 5 volunteers to be the 5 senses.Then, the 5 volunteers went and sat down so he could talk about solids, liquids and gases and we called it matter.

After, he started talking about atoms. He chose 6 volunteers to be the atoms and all they done was dancing. Then, Alan gave the thing around his head to Emily and she was talking about carbon dioxide. Emily got a hot can and put it in cold water and when she did, it got crushed.

By Siale

As the Yendarra whanau walked over to the netball court we saw some strange people (just kidding it was our teachers) then after we saw the strange teachers, we saw some other people, they were the scientists and they came to Yendarra School to show us Yendarra students some Science.

The first time they did science with us it was pretty fun! There was two metal Batman cups a teapot on a yellow cloth, the two cups had to stay  standing on the table with the yellow cloth and then Emily  pulled the cloth and when she did, the cups and the teapot stayed on the table!

Afterwards, we all went to the He Taonga Aroha to learn more experiments. The first experiment that they taught us was about using our five senses to identify objects.

Those five people did all those senses there names were Mykyll, Kaya,Joe, Madison and patene,what Madison could see it was a wood spoon, Mykyll could feel was a feather, Patene could hear a bell, Joe  could taste was water, and Kaya could smell coffee.

After the five senses we did the balloon inflating. First you do is to get a bottle with vinegar inside then get some baking powder. Emily put the baking powder in the vinegar and it made the balloon inflate! Our last experiment was learning that if you put solid Carbon Dioxide in a sealed container it will EXPLODE! By Kristina 

On Tuesdays some of the Yendarra Students have the privilege to go to Drama Sessions with Miss Nicole. At these Drama sessions we practice speeches. When we are speaking, we need to remember to use expression, be confident, make eye contact and stand up straight.

Music Academy
With Mr Lakatani we have been learning different chords to play the Ukulele. We have been making sure that we keep the volume the same and that we are all playing at the same time.

We have been learning how to make phrases while playing the triangles.

We learnt about rhythm and tempo. Rhythm is about beats and tempo is about harmony and speed.

We have been ‘snapped’ doing awesome work!

Passing and trapping was awesome learning during Hockey!
We love our amazing new ICT!
Cricket was awesome! We learnt to catch, throw and bowl!

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