Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Art in Room 19

Room 19 is learning ART from Fatu Feu’u

Visual art has been challenging, thrilling and gratifying because we have been learning about the artist Fatu Feu’u who is of Samoan decent and isinspired by Polynesian art forms such as siapo (tapa cloth) and tatau (tattoo).  

We started the art journey by viewing and responding to Fatu’s art and we could see our heritage painted and printed in his work. This then lead us to practising our own observational drawings of his work using pencil, crayon and chalk.

As part of enriching the visual art experience we were lucky to obtain the art expertise of Ms Sewell who spent two art lessons in our classroom teaching us the foundation prints of siapo art forms.  Ms Sewell also taught us how to use our digital tools to take photos, crop these photos and then display and rotate these photos in the app educreations.  Having a special art teacher made us appreciate the art form more because it is always nice to have different teachers come in to teach us something they love and are great at.

We look forward to learning about the artist Dick Frizzel in term four and hope one day we can be as great at siapo designs as Fatu and Ms Sewell are.

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