Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Own Junior All Blacks!

Three teams represented Yendarra School at this year’s Otara schools rugby competition held at Bruce Pulman park in Papakura.  We had trained for four weeks and all players were keen to showcase all their new learning and hard work from training! Preparing for the competition was exciting and exhausting as everyone was learning in class and training during break times. This also included extra fitness training after school that needed to be done in the players own time.

On competition day we launched our new sport uniform which we were so proud to wear.  Our families loved our new uniforms and our friends from neighbouring schools did not know who we were when we arrived so it was a precious moment to be the first sports team to share our new uniform colours and style.

 We want to THANK Auckland Rugby Pro Sport boys, Mr Gary Peach and Jarrod Syman for their support to prepare our boys for competition day.

To coach Selina Crosby who will always be a member of the Yendarra whanau for her commitment to improving the sporting success and skill of all our tamariki.

Finally to our own teachers and parents who coach, mentor, encourage and support our teams to 
Be the BEST they can!

We were victorious on competition day and 2 from 3 teams were crowned first place for the Under 40kg and Under 50kg divisions!  This meant we were on our way as qualifiers to the AUCKLAND CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS in Panmure.  The Champions of Champions competition is facilitated by Auckland rugby union and the primary schools placed first all over Auckland compete to win the title of Auckland Champion.  Attending the competition made many of the players nervous and anxious as they were about to be confronted on the rugby field by the best rugby teams in Auckland.  Yendarra had not had the opportunity to qualify for this competition since 2010 when we took 1 from 4 teams to the competition so it was a special moment to finally return to champions of champions four years on……

We are excited about our up and coming talent and look forward to preparing for another season of rugby in 2015!


  1. Oh my! The kids' uniforms are looking sharp and snazzy! I love the cool color combination you guys chose. I wish you all the best in this year's season. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Jennine Stalder @ Uniforms Express

  2. Hooray to your fabulous uniforms! I can only imagine the fun you had during your sports fest, and how enthusiastic your players were. Congratulations on your victory, by the way. I am looking forward to seeing updates about the next season of rugby matches. Have a great day!

    Linnie Dimmitt @ Uniforms Express