Monday, October 13, 2014

Student’s versus Teachers Hockey Competition

Throughout term three our middle and senior classes have been competing against each other in an interclass hockey competition. The competition was fierce! Room 21 were the middle school champs and Room 13 was the senior school champs. These two classes lived our school vision ‘to be the best we can’ by showing skill, manawanui (perseverance) and sportsmanship. These students then showed their skill by versing our teachers.
Here’s what happened…

On Thursday the 25th of September Room 13 played hockey against the teachers of Yendarra School. Most of our class participated and contributed to this event while the rest cheered us on. Each team had supporters on both sides.
At the beginning of the game our class was nervous but as the game went on I started to gain confidence. We hoped we were going to win the competition. “Go Red!!”
With five minutes to go the score was 4-3 to the teachers. SCORE! Ashley got the final goal. I felt joy and happiness squeeze me as I heard the words, “Room 13 are our new winners”.
Jenn (Room 13)

Congratulations to our hockey champions Room 13!
We can’t wait to find out what sport we will be playing in our interclass competition during term four!

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