Sunday, October 12, 2014

Room 19 is on the Jam Bus

This year some boys were selected from Room 19 to take part in making this years new volume 2 music CD.  The mobile recording company called Jam Bus arrived at our school to record our live vocals from the choir, stringed sound from our guitar club and pacific flavour from our ukulele group.  All groups practised for three and half weeks before live recording and the expertise of our music teachers Miss Tipelu, Ms Cook, Ms Sewell, Miss Tuli 1 & 2, Mrs Greig and Mr Greig ensured everyone learnt their songs and chords before the big day.

 Everyone involved cant wait for the CD to return to school in Term 4 so this can be shared with everyone in the Yendarra whanau.  The guitar and ukulele group were an addition to what was performed in the previous year when only teachers played instruments to accompany the student choir.  Learning the guitar and ukulele has been challenging but inspiring for the boys involved (Thyrel, Bayley, Latrell, Marcus and Makatama) and it will be great when the boys can teach others in Room 19 for next year.

We say a HUGE thank you to the Jam Bus team from the
 for bringing to life our musical gifts and talents. Being a part of the programme has inspired many of our musicians to continue the music journey as they get older.

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