Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Room 13's Tiki Tour of New Zealand

Every Tuesday in Room 13 we take a special Tiki Tour around our beautiful country, Aotearoa New Zealand. In Term 3 we made it to all the major towns and cities in the North Island - Te Ika-a-Maui. Well this week we jumped on the Interislander ferry and crossed the Cook Strait to the South Island - Te Waipounamu. We docked the boat in Picton and…. Wow! What a beautiful place!
Here is some examples of our writing about our journey.

If you are looking for a quiet peaceful place, then Picton is the place for you! In Picton there are white boats and green hills where you can view all of the area. You can head out to the bay. Picton might be a fine place for you! You can go hiking in Picton and then go camping with a lantern. Picton is near water named the Cook Strait and Picton is at the top of the South Island. There is lots of boats there and they’re all white. The sun shines on the boats and the boats shine back to the sun. When the moon comes up you can go for a drive in the car and that would be a nice big treat. Then you can have a rest and go to sleep.

By Zayden, Year 3

If you are looking for an amazing place to go, then Picton is the place for you. Picton is at the top of the South Island. I took a boat to Picton. If you want to get there then you will have to go over the Cook Strait and the boat that you will go on is a ferry, this is called the Interislander ferry. You can park your car under the boat and they will put chains on the wheels so the car can’t move. The boat ride will take you about 2 and a half hours from Wellington. You can go fishing, bushwalking and mountain biking there. You will have the best adventure holiday! There might be dolphins, sea lions and seals. There is a fish farm in Picton. You will find a cafe there for when you feel hungry and thirsty. When I went fishing there I caught a snapper and a mullet.

By Amaziah, Year 4

Dear Zayden and Amaziah
I have really enjoyed my trip to Picton and would love to go to see the sites that you have mentioned.
I would like to fly down and I am wondering whether you could perhaps find out where I would fly to and how much it would cost me to go. I would like to go the day after school ends and stay there for three nights. I do hope you can help me as I am too busy to research this myself.

Eagerly awaiting your response.

Love Mrs Dunlop

Aotearoa New Zealand has so many amazing things to do and sights to see, I wonder where Room 13 will go next?

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  1. I LOVED learning about what there is to do in Picton. I haven't been there before but now I can't wait to go there! Amaziah and Zayden, you should be travel agents when you grow up. You both gave such a beautiful description of what it looked like and what activities are available. Where are we going next week?